Margaret Thatcher: Sermon on the Mound - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sermon on the Mound - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

How many ways can a person speak and condemn themselves to hell? Margaret Thatcher did so here. She said people had free will. They don't. She said Christ had a large influence on Thatcherite reforms, yet she made the rich richer and the poor poorer. She set in motion the housing bubble in the USA.

Libertarianism, which was what Thatcherism was, is godless. It is the religion of self, and teaches that the invisible hand of self interest, or selfishness, ultimately benefits society. Unfortunately, when the wealthy take over banking and offer toxic loans that people can't pay back, self interest and deregulation creates havoc.

For more on libertarianism read my ebook, Libertarianism, the UK Big Bang, and How They Ruined America.

Thatcher was an evil woman, who destroyed the unions when all she had to do was to destroy the excess of unions. Now capital has a big advantage over workers.

And Thatcher put the bankers in charge. So did Reagan in the US. Not many people know this is true. Read my blog at Say No to Recourse Loans to understand this situation we are in with derivatives and bubbles.


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