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I Am Here to Judge the Bankers, Neocons and the Anglo American Empire

My purpose in this world since being called to be a Christian by grace over 40 years ago has changed. It was bound up in raising a family, and now is bound up with condemnation of the Anglo American Empire. This empire is the second most hated empire behind the Roman Empire. God hated the Roman Empire for persecution of the saints. There has been some persecution of the elect in the Anglo American Empire, in England in the 1600's. But for the most part this empire has been benevolent, and has been one of relative justice and good. But in the late 20th century and into the current century, something changed. Darkness took over the Empire. Behavior that attacked the middle class was manifested in the first decade housing bubble. The speculation in futures has also been a tax upon the average person. But the most grievous deed was the use of religion to advocate the Iraq War. This use of religion was wrapped up in the 9/11 conspiracy. Yes, the US was involved in the 9/11 conspir

Here Are the Many Ways Most Jews Cannot Be Saved by Christ But Some Can

Jews, like Gentiles, are lost because of unbelief. Jews and Gentiles substitute the religion of man for the religion of God. They can only believe the religion of God if they are called to do so. Jews have the pseudo religions of Zionism and the misplaced zeal of Judaism as blankets of darkness that covers their eyes. Zionism in and of itself is not a psuedo religion. It is not unusual for a people to want to have a nation. What is unusual is to want to do anything no matter how evil to protect that nation. Some Jewish Americans have been involved in very evil plans to secure Israel at the expense of lives of American citizens. False flag ideas in the name of Zionism have driven some to do dastardly deeds that are not condoned by the true God. I said at another blog: And as an addition: my natural father was Jewish. I am not antisemitic. I am an American first and those who attacked the towers, I mean the Americans, were not America first. Some were Jewish Americans and so

The Too Big to Fail Bankers and Their New World Order Will Be Judged by God

The too big to fail banks are part of a financial cabal that is pushing up prices on food, oil, houses and who are oppressing everyone else in varying degrees. These bankers will be judged for their evil deeds and they will be part of God's elect. When Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs says he is doing God's will and people in west Africa starve because of massive trading and speculation from cornering markets, he is lying. He is doomed to hell for his evil deeds and words. And the oppression that comes from the banks when folks need money for business and are forced to take an interest rate swap is an oppression that costs all Americans more money. The bankers graze and take and give little in return. The Apostle Paul said that the wealthy oppress the poor. This has never been so consolidated as it is in the power the banker cabal now has. The financiers have over 40 percent of the wealth and they are .5 percent of the entire population. This is oppression. The elect wi

Predestined to Hell

The human mind cannot always take in the sobering reality of predestination. We who are predestined are grateful, but sorrowful. We know many we love are not so predestined. It hurts. Paul said he could wish that he would suffer if his kinsmen would be saved. But it is also that same Apostle Paul who told the truth in Romans chapter 9, that some vessels were created for special use, like fancy kitchenware, and others were created for menial use, to be thrown away. The truth is, sin is created by those who are not kept from it. The devil and Adam created sin in their acts of defiance, having been permitted to have a will apart from the will of God. They used that will to create sin. It is always that way. Only God is good, and only His Will is sinless. So then, there are a few predestined to heaven, through God given faith. And there are many, including many who believed in predestination like Calvin and the Protestants, who are predestined to hell. They were created for menial

Australian gay rights advocate Alex Greenwich compared to Stalin |

Australian gay rights advocate Alex Greenwich compared to Stalin | Here is the deal. This article is hard to follow, but there are, apparently, words being thrown around by both sides. This is the way I look at it. Yes, being gay is not being Christian. That is obvious from reading the bible. But, the early Christians were tolerant. They lived side by side with people who did not agree with them. Jesus advocated separation of church and state when he said that His Kingdom was not of this world. His Kingdom is not the same as a civil government! Therefore, tolerance, opposition to sacralism, dominionism, theocracy and all the other words to describe fusion of church and state must be the only true Christian position. True Christians tolerate. False Christians hurl angry words and insults against lifestyles they don't agree with. They become worse than the gay folks, who just want to be left alone. Leave them alone!