I Am Here to Judge the Bankers, Neocons and the Anglo American Empire

My purpose in this world since being called to be a Christian by grace over 40 years ago has changed. It was bound up in raising a family, and now is bound up with condemnation of the Anglo American Empire.

This empire is the second most hated empire behind the Roman Empire. God hated the Roman Empire for persecution of the saints. There has been some persecution of the elect in the Anglo American Empire, in England in the 1600's. But for the most part this empire has been benevolent, and has been one of relative justice and good.

But in the late 20th century and into the current century, something changed. Darkness took over the Empire. Behavior that attacked the middle class was manifested in the first decade housing bubble. The speculation in futures has also been a tax upon the average person.

But the most grievous deed was the use of religion to advocate the Iraq War. This use of religion was wrapped up in the 9/11 conspiracy. Yes, the US was involved in the 9/11 conspiracy. And religion was central as George W Bush viewed the war with Iraq as a holy war. He said as much when he said it was a "crusade".

This little pr stunt by W was, in the grand scheme of things, small and not central to the war effort. The administration spent more time saying that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. That was the more forceful lie. But I know that God has not forgotten the rhetoric of holy war, by the empire that has recently done some very evil things against her own citizens.

The crusades were a series of wars over 6 centuries, supposedly fought in the name of Christ, that were based upon killing and conquest and not based upon New Covenant principles. God hates this misuse of His Truth, as manifested in the New Covenant.

The English side of the Empire truly believes that the Square Mile, seat of world finance, is the manifestation of the Roman Empire. I urge you to read these articles about this:

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See also my new ebook on Amazon: False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies

If you add this knowledge to the use of religion by the US government to fight wars that the elites of the empire want, then you have a really evil government in the scheme of things with regard to unbelief. Murder and unbelief go hand in hand. The financial system preys on people and its arm of war kills people.

My purpose for being here, now, is to judge these things. These men are being judged by another man, like themselves, myself, who has been appointed for this deed. Few Christians remain as we wait for the very last days. But the time is near.

The current empire is relatively benevolent, but the deeds of the elite are odious in the eyes of God. He will judge according. And His servant has made it clear to the highest levels of power that they have done great evil in the site of God.


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