The Too Big to Fail Bankers and Their New World Order Will Be Judged by God

The too big to fail banks are part of a financial cabal that is pushing up prices on food, oil, houses and who are oppressing everyone else in varying degrees. These bankers will be judged for their evil deeds and they will be part of God's elect.

When Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs says he is doing God's will and people in west Africa starve because of massive trading and speculation from cornering markets, he is lying. He is doomed to hell for his evil deeds and words.

And the oppression that comes from the banks when folks need money for business and are forced to take an interest rate swap is an oppression that costs all Americans more money. The bankers graze and take and give little in return.

The Apostle Paul said that the wealthy oppress the poor. This has never been so consolidated as it is in the power the banker cabal now has. The financiers have over 40 percent of the wealth and they are .5 percent of the entire population. This is oppression.

The elect will make it through, but the elect will suffer more than what would be necessary in the affluent western world.

The bankers have their fun and decadence now, but they will pay a heavy price at judgement day. For more information read the articles at my where I reject the lending practices and financial reality that is this new world financial order.


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