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Who Is in Charge of the World? I believe the Cabal Is Identifiable

I believe the cabal in charge of the world is identifiable. It includes the following groups: 1. Yinon Zionists 2. Neoconservatives 3. The City of London (the Square Mile) 4. UK Bankers 5. Wall Street Bankers  6. Big Oil in America 7. Central Bankers and the BIS. 8. Main Stream Media 9. Saudi Arabia Now some would argue that this cabal is limited in Russia and China, and so could it be, for now. This cabal is not necessarily listed in the order of power. That can ebb and flow. Some of the cabal are in more than one group. The groups are blurred. None of these groups has absolute power alone, in my opinion.

Yinon Zionism Is a False Pseudo Religious and Imperial Plan for the Middle East

Yinon Militant Zionism As a Political Movement and Pseudo Religion: Israel exists as a sign to the elect in Christ that the Times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. Luke 21:24 But Israeli Zionism has no holy status. Zionism is not a religion. It is a political doctrine of recent origin, circa 1890's. Zionism is the reason that many Jews and Gentiles (like Richard Cheney), seek war in the middle east. These Zionists (from both Jewish and Gentile backgrounds) do not want to live in peace with the Arab neighbors. No, these Zionists want to dominate those neighbors and most likely the entire world. The father of Israel was an atheist. Yes, David Ben-Gurion was an atheist. Therefore, Zionism is a political movement, not a religion. It passes for a religion at times but it is not. [From a religious point of view, the  elect Jews  will come into the fold of believers in Christ. But they will come in  as individuals,  not as physical nation. Israel is a sign to the elect Jews and those w

A Letter to One Interested in the Power of Gospel

Hi *****, Since I am against selling the gospel, I would not want you to make anyone a profit by buying their books. There are none. All the books I have read, like Reisinger, etc, miss the truth. I also view Jon Zens as being in it to sell books. I sell [secular] books, but I won't sell the gospel. The correct interpretation of Corinthians is found here: I want to be approved by God. I sold one item one time and I would give the money back if I could find the people. It is wrong, and it is a robbing of blessing. It is not worth it. Paul had a very high standard. Jon Zens says some very accurate things but comes at the bible as a scholar. I have never experienced a blessing from him even being around him for 5 years in the 70's. If you read his teaching online, you must understand that there is no conviction in his heart. He is sponsored by that other guy, Cliff Bjork, who believes the Protes