Jews Be Warned, Messianic Jews Are Not Speaking Truth With George W Bush

Jews be warned, Messianic Jews do not share my message. I would never have George W Bush, a mass murderer, and one of the architects of the 9/11 conspiracy and of the implimentation of Yinon Zionism, as a speaker at any event that claimed to be preaching the gospel.

This is simply an abomination of deceit. First, George W. Bush proclaimed a crusade against Iraq. Nowhere in the new covenant is a crusade considered a physical war.

And now, one who advocated waterboarding and torture is suddenly a Christian? No, he is not. He is a deceiver.

The deception of Yinon Zionism seeking the reestablishment of the physical borders of David parallels the deception that is held by most Messianic Jews, that David is yet to sit on his throne. But that is wrong. It is clear as can be in Acts Chapter 2 that Christ sits on the Davidic Throne now and has done so since His resurrection!

Fact is, the false doctrine of Dispensationalism, held by many so called American baptists who embraced the false London Confession of 1689 instead of the true First London Confession of 1644-46, was simply another manifestation of the elevation of law over grace.

The 1689 confession taught the Protestant doctrine of  law conviction. But the 1644 First London confession taught correctly the doctrine of gospel conviction. The truth rested with the followers of the First Confession.

With the followers of the false confession of 1689 being without the true revelation of Christ, being trapped in a legalistic religion, they adopted the Dispensationalist postponed kingdom with David not yet reigning. This doctrine undermines the power and superiority of the New Covenant. The postponed glory of a reconstituted Old Testament is simply a doctrine from the pit of hell.

So, for George W. Bush, the crusading murderer, his dedication to Israel is a false one and he is a deceiver. The truly elect Jews must be convicted of unbelief by the true Gospel of Christ, which is not for sale.

There is a better way for the Jews. I repeat, there is a better way for the Jews, and that is not through the law in any way as a means to salvation and continuing faith. The true and better way is through the gospel alone and through its power to cut the heart for redemption through the reigning savior. 

The corruption of the Messianic Movement is now complete. And George W Bush hops from sin to sin in his unmeasurable depths of corruption.

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