David Ben Gurion – “In Jerusalem will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind” circa 1962

It was in Look Magazine in 1962 that David Ben Gurion laid out his plan for the world court of justice being located in Jerusalem. which was part of Life Magazine's business. This is Ben Gurion calling for a New World Order that includes the judicial arm of the world order being centered in Jerusalem. This is false religion, and it is actually a false prophesy. It is also an attack upon the sovereignty of nations which God clearly sanctioned with the tower of Babel.

Ben Gurion was being interviewed in 1962, putting the plan in place for Israel and world finance to rule in a theocracy. The world supreme court located in Jerusalem was his ultimate plan. Locating all justice in the seat of the false Zion would be wrong and ultimately crushed by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ who will destroy physical Israel and all the nations by the air.

The elect who remain will meet Him in the air!


My Christian View of Israel's Purpose


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