The Mad Jewess speaks out about Marxist Nelson Mandela

The Mad Jewess speaks out about Marxist Nelson Mandela |

Nelson Mandela was a political figure who helped a race gain dignity. Unfortunately, Netanyahu cannot grant the Palestinians the same right. I don't like to get into politics too much here but I posted this comment to this article and I don't know if it will be allowed:

I have a problem here. First of all, Netanyahu should have attended the Mandela funeral. He didn’t because he believes in the Yinon Plan and apartheid. Netanyahu wants regime change and ultimately the Palestinians kicked out of Palestine. That is the Yinon Plan. Israel Shahak, the Jewish leader and hero who interpreted the Yinon Plan into English hated the plan. He said the Jewish people would suffer because of out of control Zionists. Wake Up America!
BTW, my natural father was with Jewish roots, and I am adopted. I believe teaching that anti-semitism and anti Zionism are the same thing is cursed. It is plain evil to teach these are the same.
Most Jews hate the occupation of the Palestinians. And the Zionist press won’t tell you that.

This is the bottom line, apartheid is evil. Selecting and blaming one race for what is wrong in the world, whether it be the Palestinians, the blacks in Africa, the Jews as a whole, is just plain evil.

When I blame the Zionists for much of the evils of the world, I am not blaming the Jews as a race/religion. And you should not do so either. 


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