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The Power of the Gospel Saves. OT Law Does Not Save. Noahide Laws Do Not Save

Noahide laws, not given from scripture, as well as scriptural Old Testament laws do not save man. Only the Gospel of Christ saves a man and makes a new man in Christ from a Gentile or Jewish person. Noahide laws have no place in the legal framework of the United States of America, because laws are for an imposed morality, while guidance is not. If a certain sect of Judaism tries to impose laws upon the world, and from that establish a worldwide court, which David Ben-Gurion wanted, then they are acting in an unconstitutional manner as far as the US is concerned. And the law of Christ does not need this teaching. The gospel accounts and the entire New Testament teaches Christians all they need to know about the law of Christ. We are not under, as Christians, a Noahide legal system, period.

The Lavon Affair: When Israel Firebombed U.S. Installations

WRMEA | Telling the truth for more than 30 years - The Lavon Affair: When Israel Firebombed U.S. Installations  Ben-Gurion was a violent man. All hopes of peace were thrown out the window because of the false flag, the Lavon Affair, that was an attack on US installations and Egyptian targets by Israeli agents. Ben-Gurion used the attacks, which did damage and got some agents hanged, to make more war on Egypt. This Zionism that was militant and evil is not to be supported by true Christians.

Israel Admitted the False Flag Lavon Affair but the US Press Didn't Report It!

I posted this on the comment section of an article at Yahoo: How many people know that in 1954, Israel attacked US property in Egypt and then admitted it in 2005. But our press didn't even bother to report the Lavon Affair. Every American should know that Israel has too much influence, though not complete influence, over the affairs of the United States. Look up the Lavon Affair for yourselves. Then think about the USS Liberty, 9/11, Sandy Hook Hoax and most likely Aurora with fake blood. But don't trust any of these events by listening to media who would not report the first false flag of Israel against the US when that country was 6 years old! My concern is that we have a press, a mainstream media, MSM, that does not care about the concerns and aspirations of the citizens of the USA as they should. They put Israel first, and often. This is undermining our nation, and our national leaders are not fighting for our political rights as they should be doing. Our frie

I Wrote This About Government Deception at & Want to Share It With You

 I wrote this at I believe that the ideas below are true, but that Christians must seek peace in the face of this manifest injustice and fraud by our national leaders. Look, on most issues I am liberal. I like helping the poor. I think the richest are hiding their money offshore. I think Putin should come in and clean house. But, Sandy Hook was an obvious hoax. It isn't like it is close. It is obvious that Robbie Parker, Gene Rosen, Kaitlin Roig, and the Soto sister were actors. There is no doubt about it. And even Obama wiped a tear that did not exist when talking about Sandy Hook. The entire thing was fabricated. They redacted all pictures of the "victims". In other hoaxes they can make you look like you lost an arm or it is hanging in pieces. Research it! So, what I am saying is that the Republicans are unfit to rule because of their role in 9/11, but the Democrats are destroying trust in government too because now we don't really know i

Zionists, You cannot Fight Your Way to Heaven. Acknowledge Your Savior!

Zionists, you cannot fight your way to heaven. The one to replace David lives and your fighting will not put him on a physical throne. He is far above the physical throne. The Christ you reject will judge you for your murders based upon your unbelief. Your world court that Ben Gurion sought will not bring justice to the world. Justice for you is killing the Gentiles and regime change. You seek to disarm the Americans to finish your quest for world domination. You are leading us to World War 3, but Christ will return and you will want the rocks to fall on you. But for the elect in Christ, from both Jew and Gentile, there will be salvation and an escape from the destruction that will befall you Zionists and your justice. Repent of your unbelief, you Zionist men of evil. Repent now. You can contact me at bgamall4 at Yahoo dot com Gary Anderson

Christian Zionists Disgust Me for Pushing Palestinians off Their Land

Christian Zionists, who seek to push the Zionist agenda have even helped Israelis settle on Palestinian land. This is just spiritually wrong and unethical as well. Netanyahu says that the settlements are not responsible for the continuing conflict. But stealing land is second only to genocide. Israel should understand this above all nations. All nations ! What are they trying to get away with here! This manifest destiny is see in the new Jewish News Service, whose leaders "vacation" in Palestinian territories. But the occupation is not what is wanted by Jews in the US. They loathe this occupation. It seems that the Zionists are getting more and more bold, and I wrote about their Sandy Hook boldness. We are being inundated and overwhelmed by Zionist encroachments upon the US national interest and upon the rights of US citizens. I do not advocate the use of guns against our government at all. But I do advocate the buffer that gun control may provide against governm