I Wrote This About Government Deception at Patrick.net & Want to Share It With You

 I wrote this at Patrick.net. I believe that the ideas below are true, but that Christians must seek peace in the face of this manifest injustice and fraud by our national leaders.
Look, on most issues I am liberal. I like helping the poor. I think the richest are hiding their money offshore. I think Putin should come in and clean house.
But, Sandy Hook was an obvious hoax. It isn't like it is close. It is obvious that Robbie Parker, Gene Rosen, Kaitlin Roig, and the Soto sister were actors. There is no doubt about it.
And even Obama wiped a tear that did not exist when talking about Sandy Hook. The entire thing was fabricated. They redacted all pictures of the "victims". In other hoaxes they can make you look like you lost an arm or it is hanging in pieces. Research it!
So, what I am saying is that the Republicans are unfit to rule because of their role in 9/11, but the Democrats are destroying trust in government too because now we don't really know if any incident is the way they said it went down.
This is like the umpires at a baseball game throwing the game. It is manifestly evil and rotten to the core. And it is being done to please Zionists who are controlling this country, electing all the Fed chairmen, and who are controlling the media.
We are seriously screwed politically and I don't know if it can even be turned around. The drones are coming. That is fact.
Americans need to stand up and say no and vote no. But it may be too late. The consolidation of the press occurred in the 70's and 80's. I thought it was for capitalism. It wasn't. It was for Zionism.
As I have said before, if Israel would stop the goals of Ben Gurion, a world court of justice and a Greater Israel from Egypt to the Euphrates, as well as regime change, that I would accept the state of Israel. This includes a deal with the Palestinians for statehood.

But I have strong doubts about our government and the influence the Neocons, who unquestionably support Israel, even against the US national interest, have on our nation

Christ is the answer, and I urge you to read my political blog page in order to be aware of the evils that have befallen our nation. 


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