Israel Admitted the False Flag Lavon Affair but the US Press Didn't Report It!

I posted this on the comment section of an article at Yahoo:

How many people know that in 1954, Israel attacked US property in Egypt and then admitted it in 2005. But our press didn't even bother to report the Lavon Affair. Every American should know that Israel has too much influence, though not complete influence, over the affairs of the United States. Look up the Lavon Affair for yourselves. Then think about the USS Liberty, 9/11, Sandy Hook Hoax and most likely Aurora with fake blood. But don't trust any of these events by listening to media who would not report the first false flag of Israel against the US when that country was 6 years old!
My concern is that we have a press, a mainstream media, MSM, that does not care about the concerns and aspirations of the citizens of the USA as they should. They put Israel first, and often.

This is undermining our nation, and our national leaders are not fighting for our political rights as they should be doing. Our friendship with Israel has actually severely limited our political rights.

It should not be that way. If you are a Christian, know that this will all work out according to His glory and His enemies, which are the governments of this world by degree of evil they contemplate and carry out, has a special condemnation ready for any nation that false flags another or even helps false flag another, and a special condemnation ready for any nation that fails to inform the citizens of this evil.

The USA needs to consider the national interest of the USA, and not put the interests of other nations before the interests of our own nation.

But know this, we all face the return of the Lord, some with joy and most with fear and in defeat. Great nations and cities will be brought down in that day, and the elect will rule with Christ for all eternity. 


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