The Power of the Gospel Saves. OT Law Does Not Save. Noahide Laws Do Not Save

Noahide laws, not given from scripture, as well as scriptural Old Testament laws do not save man. Only the Gospel of Christ saves a man and makes a new man in Christ from a Gentile or Jewish person.

Noahide laws have no place in the legal framework of the United States of America, because laws are for an imposed morality, while guidance is not. If a certain sect of Judaism tries to impose laws upon the world, and from that establish a worldwide court, which David Ben-Gurion wanted, then they are acting in an unconstitutional manner as far as the US is concerned. And the law of Christ does not need this teaching. The gospel accounts and the entire New Testament teaches Christians all they need to know about the law of Christ.

We are not under, as Christians, a Noahide legal system, period.


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