Zionists, You cannot Fight Your Way to Heaven. Acknowledge Your Savior!

Zionists, you cannot fight your way to heaven. The one to replace David lives and your fighting will not put him on a physical throne. He is far above the physical throne. The Christ you reject will judge you for your murders based upon your unbelief.

Your world court that Ben Gurion sought will not bring justice to the world. Justice for you is killing the Gentiles and regime change. You seek to disarm the Americans to finish your quest for world domination.

You are leading us to World War 3, but Christ will return and you will want the rocks to fall on you. But for the elect in Christ, from both Jew and Gentile, there will be salvation and an escape from the destruction that will befall you Zionists and your justice.

Repent of your unbelief, you Zionist men of evil. Repent now.

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Gary Anderson


  1. Gary,

    I saw your comment on the Edwin Black book. Basically we are in agreement. However, you seem not to understand that Christian Zionism actually predated and instigated Jewish Zionism, as described in this excellent book:

    Allies for Armageddon: The Rise of Christian Zionism by Victoria Clark (Nov 28, 2007)

    I am attaching a brief study that examines the nexus between Zionism NAZism and the Bible Codes too. As a believer, you will find this of great interest as it proves that Zionism is part of God's end time plan. Also two brief studies examining the amazing Shir Mevashir Yeshua: The Song of Yeshua in which each letter of Jesus' Hebrew name alludes to an aspect of His ministry.

    Shalom baShem Yeshua - Peace in Jesus' Name,
    Michael P. Korn

    1. If by Christian Zionism you mean Christian dispensationalism, I am sure it predated Jewish Zionism. Was it influential in creating Zionism as we know it? I don't know.

      Only the spiritual Zionism of the New Covenant is actually a part of God's end time plan. I believe all other forms of Zionism including the militant neocon Zionism we have in America and in Israel and in the UK are not part of God's end time plan. I believe those false forms of Zionism will be defeated by God.


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