Caitlin Dickson's gun control article was such a scam. You are the thought police aren't you?

Here is what I was going to post, but I don't want an account with you. I prefer disqus sites. Less censorship. Anyway, editor, how do you live with yourself? This big Zionist lie that includes gun control, will be undone and God will come back and stuff all of you. I don't advocate the use of guns to overthrow the government, but I do advocate the rights of Americans to own guns as an offset to government out of control. I am moderate to liberal on most issues. I am concerned about weapons that act like machine guns resulting in mass murders. But gun rights are defended by the Constitution.

Sandy Hook is an example of government totally out of control.

My natural father was part Sephardic Jewish (Ramirez) and I am adopted. So I speak and write about Zionism and the goal to make Israel into a super power. Zionism already controls the UK and almost controls the USA. And you let it happen and are partly responsible for aiding and abetting this crime, as is all mainstream media.

Anyway, here was my comment, which I didn't make to Caitlin's ridiculous gun control article:

Both parties want to do away with rights. The Republicans want to do away with free speech. Even Democrat Feinstein, though, said free speech was a privilege not a right. Republicans want to impose their religious values and Dems want to do away with gun rights. Sandy Hook was an obvious hoax. Only really stupid people cannot see that. It takes more to see the Zionist plot in all of this. My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted. I know there is a plot to build Israel into the premier world power in the West. We will be their second state after the UK, the way it is going. Or maybe after France. Anyway, Sandy Hook was a hoax. No tears, no red eyes, the use of hyperventilation for crying. It is phony, like Robbie Parker, an actor and a crook. 

So, here is the deal, Christ will come back and stuff these Zionists, Rothschilds, Warburgs, all of them. Obama, Netanyahu, Feinstein, Lindsey Graham, all of them. You think they are in control, and for now they are. But it will not end that way.

Just remember my words editor. Be like Felix and tremble. The word of God is like a two edged sword, cutting to salvation in the chosen few and sealing the fate of damnation to the rest who reject it. It is just because God didn't have to save one of us, not one. That he saves a few is just great mercy for some of us.

Have a great day, I hope.

Gary Anderson

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