I Posted This to Janna Brock at FreedomOutpost.com About Israel and Zionism

 I Posted This to Janna Brock at FreedomOutpost.com About Israel and Zionism:

Janna, I am a Christian. I support freedom of religion and separation of church and state. On the article above, where you defend the love of Israel, you don't really understand Israel. Israel leaders are part of a political cabal known as Zionism. It is more than securing the borders of Israel. It is bent on world domination. Real Christians cannot support this New World Order cabal. It includes the neocons, like Cheney, the banksters, like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, the media, like Murdoch. The regime change you see going on in the world is fomented by the neocons, themost militant arm of this cabal. This cabal is against gun rights. It is against all sorts of rights and has influence over both political parties.

Most American Jewish people do not support the cabal. They do not support violence in the establishment of the Davidic throne. I believe Christ is already on the Davidic throne, but nowhere in the Old Testament does it say that Jews are to fight violently for the establishment of that throne. Many Jewish people hate Zionism for this very reason. Zionism is NOT A RACE. Nor is it a religion. It is a politcal movement that could seek WW3 someday. It is a movement of madmen, Janna Brock. Best wishes, Gary Anderson http://newcovenanttheology.com

I don't know if the woman will hear the truth. We will see. 


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