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Wicked Zionist Injustice as Palestinians Were Driven from the Land over Six Decades Ago

It is a shameful episode, yet one of many, as the Palestinians were raped, tortured, stoned and murdered. Women and Children were subject to horrific crimes not just at Deir Yassin, but also at the 500 other Palestinian villages destroyed in the late 1940's. Therefore, the occupation of the Palestinians is a crime, and Israel is not the New Zion and is not in any way Zion, the Old having passed away. Israel is a rogue state, and the elect Jews and Gentiles will speak out for the gospel and against this fake Israel, the enemy of God.  Israel is a sign of election of a few people with even a little Jewish DNA since the Gentiles are fully called. Luke 21:24 and Romans 11. But that is all Israel is, a sign. Palestinians are like Druze and Bedouins, closer to Hebrew DNA than Ishmael. They cluster with Ashkenazi Jews. Therefore they should be treated better! Please Read: My Christian View of