Zionism as Opposed to the Truth.

The following is the body of an email I sent recently. I am not saying Chuck Hagel is a Christian, and certainly wealthy people are not likely called according to the Apostle Paul. The point about Hagel is that a guy who wants a sovereign nation functioning without control by the globalist cannot last in our government. He was the last patriotic American, wanting a sovereign America. The rest are sold out to the globalists.

We know from the Tower of Babel, that God hates globalization, that is, the subjection of nations to a super sovereign globalist cabal. Nothing has changed. God still hates the idea of a global empire, the exact thing that the Zionist globalist cabal wants. I mention Sarah Palin as one who is a Zionist. Yes, she was originally sponsored by two Rothschilds, including Lady Lynn Rothschild. She appears to be a Dominionist Zionist. One of a kind but potentially very evil with political power: 

Some victims of the Holocaust had money available to escape Germany. But the Zionists took all the money and left the Jewish people to face Hitler. It is just one of many things Zionists have done to throw Jewish people under the bus. There are other things. It is wonderful to see that real Holocaust victims and their families are starting to speak out against Israel.

The Bible is clear, the Torah OT says the Messiah would establish the New Zion. But the atheist Zionists took it upon themselves to establish a Zion and it has proven to be evil to the core.

Originally, the Jews believed the above paragraph almost completely, and refused to buy into Zionism. A few Jewish groups still hold to the interpretation of the Torah, and they are called True Torah Jews. They don't see that Messiah as being Christ, and they may one day understand. But they see that Zionism is evil, and is founded based on the financial support of the wealthiest men on earth.

The resulting globalism is a very dangerous one that seeks both world domination and Israeli dominance of that world. Zionism is not a race, not a religion, but as they know in the UK, it is a Rothschild project and many non Jews have been engaged in this New World Order, from Cecil Rhodes, founder of Rhodes scholarships, to the Rockefellers, to Cheneys, Bidens, Palins, Obamas. They are all Zionists. . 

Hagel, the last patriot (who warned Obama about the NWO in 2009), is being replaced at the defense department by a Rhodes Scholar. Sad.

 See also a satirical article I wrote regarding this tension between Holocaust victims and families and the Zionist nation of Israel.


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