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We Are Not at the Mark of the Beast with a Cashless Society

The Mark of the Beast and the man of perdition have already been affixed. That happened in the time of Vaspasian, Titus and Domitian. It was certainly established by a ruler of Rome. The neoRoman Empire, that is the Anglo/American/Zionist Empire has power but may not have the power to exert the same power as the Romans were able to exert. Credit cards will soon be issued in America, and have been issued in Europe, with a chip in them, with your personal information. However, these cards, and even a future cashless society, do not rise to the level of the beast Domitian because we still have religious freedom in the United States. In other words, the authorities are not telling us to renounce Christ to get a credit card with a chip in it!  If that freedom of religion is tarnished by economic means against the citizenry, then there would be an antiChrist spirit afoot. But we are not there and it is not likely we will experience that prior to the Second Coming of Christ.   But do