The Truth About Zionism and the Messiah

I posted this at recently:

A person asked me:  "Wait a minute: Are you saying that Zionism and Judaism are distinct concepts?"

I answered this way:

Of course. Judaism counts the Old Testament, the Torah and Prophets as being holy. It takes those seriously. So, in the Old Testament, Isaiah and others prophesied that the New Zion would be established by the Messiah. So, when Israel was destroyed and the Jews dispersed in 70 AD, most Jews waited for the Messiah. Most didn't see it was Jesus Christ and that the New Zion was spiritual not physical. But at least they had the true roadmap, the Old Testament, as a potential guide.

Then, in the late 1800's, Herzl and the Zionists came along and they revered Cecil Rhodes for colonizing Africa and Rhodes encouraged them, and the Rothschilds, who funded Rhodes, funded the Zionists. They colonized Palestine, ultimately booting out 750 thousand Palestinians from their homes and land. This was not the New Zion, yet they used the term, Zionist. They were atheists, and only used Judaism when it suited them, to give their land grab legitimacy. Of course, God didn't sanction it at all! This Israel is a sign that the elect Gentiles are saved. Hopefully a few more will be. Luke 21:24, Rom 11.

There is an offshoot of Judaism, leaders practiced, called Kabbalah, which was Gnostic in origin. Kabbalah taught that the Jews still had an Old Testament claim to the land. Many Zionists looked to Kabbalah for the higher knowledge that gave the Zionists a justification for their invasion of Palestine. Of course, this Gnosticism was wrong. Christ came to fulfill the law and He did. But His death abolished the law as there was no longer a need for a better sacrifice or the blood of bull and goats.

So, after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the temple was destroyed in 70 AD as He prophesied, and the Jews were dispersed. Zionism has no part in any of this, no authority from the Christ who makes one new man among the elect Jews and Gentiles.
The True Torah Jews and others still wait for the Messiah, and are not yet made aware of the one true Messiah, but, even they know that the Bible has no place for the Zionists, that they violate the words of the prophets and are not the hope of Israel.

The elect Jews and elect Gentiles will be saved, but they must all repudiate Zionism completely, as they learn about Christ, the real Hope of Israel. Israel is merely a sign of the fulness of Gentile salvation. (LUKE 21:24) This is My Christian View of Israel.


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