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Israel law renews hot debate on army service for ultra-Orthodox

Israel law renews hot debate on army service for ultra-Orthodox - Yahoo New The Zionists do not understand that they have no authority to establish Zion. The True Torah Jews should come to Christ, but they know the Zionists are a fraud. New Covenant Doctrine, the Way My Christian View of Israel's Purpose

I Don't Celebrate Christmas As a Religious Holiday

I don't celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. First of all, God would not be pleased by a Christ's Mass. There was a one time sacrifice for all time, for the elect. Mass, the continual sacrifice of Christ, is false religion. Then, Christmas music, the religious music, is fraught with false doctrine, the elevation of days, of holy nights, all that have nothing to do with a spiritual kingdom of Christ. For those who would celebrate the Lord's birth on the 25th of December, I would simply tell them that the day is an arbitrary day. Christ's birthday is an unknown. Therefore, at best, the 25th of December is a representative day, not the day of Christ's birth. I conform to social norms for a secular Christmas, to make my family happy. I like Santa Claus and the tree with decorations. Of course, I shed any religous connotations of those practices, knowing that they have roots in either pagan or false religious practice. The winter solstice celebration is n

Feds won't accept Missouri driver's licenses. You Didn't Believe in 9/11 Conspiracy

APNewsBreak: Feds won't accept Missouri driver's licenses - Yahoo News The AP and Yahoo are in on this lie, I assure you. So I posted this comment at Yahoo as Homeland Security is requiring this intrusive identification: Homeland security covered up 9/11 that was done by Cheney. Skelator, Michael Chertoff, who started homeland security is a dual US/Israel citizen. Zionists (many of which are neocons) are not practicing Judaism. They are taking over the world. Obama is a Zionist. Zionism is the opposite of Judaism and is multiracial. JFK was assassinated by the Zionist globalists including LBJ. The cabal is STILL IN POWER. California and other states are also potentially subject to this barrier to air travel and entering federal buildings.  This is unacceptable behavior by the United States government.  New Covenant Doctrine, the Way

Liberman 'peace plan' would pay Arabs to leave Israel | The Times of Israel

Liberman 'peace plan' would pay Arabs to leave Israel | The Times of Israel This is the true face of Zionism. Zionism is not a religion. It is an evil spitting in the face of God. “...who feel part of the Palestinian people [to leave the country] will solve the problem of divided loyalties and ‘split personality’ they suffer from. They can decide if they are part of the state of Israel or Palestine.” “Those who decide that they identify as Palestinian could give up their Israeli citizenship and become citizens of a future Palestinian state. The State of Israel should encourage this via a system of economic incentives,” the plan states. This is My Christian View of Israel's Purpose.