True Christians Must Reject John Wesley and His Descendants on Imparted Perfection

True Christians must reject John Wesley and his descendants on imparted perfection. His movement which was Methodism, spawned denominations such as the Assembly of God and the Church of God Holiness and the Nazarene Church and all the other rotten liars who claim that righteousness is given away by God for perfection.

The righteousness of the elect is in Christ. The Spirit of righteousness dwells in us but does not have complete control of us. If He had complete control of us we would never sin. It is obvious that this sinless perfection is not part of the human experience. Only Christ was sinless, fulfilling the Law of Moses and wiping out those ordinances. He both fulfilled and abolished the Law of Moses and replaced it with the Law of Christ.

Christ's life fulfilled the Law of Moses and His Death abolished it!

So, if anyone tells you that Christians are not sinners or that Christians possess, or own righteousness, they are lying. Christians have the nature of God in them through the Spirit, but we also have the nature of man continuing until the end of time. Paul's concept of perfection was becoming perfect in the faith. James believed the same thing, as works were spawned by faith, and works made faith perfect. That is not a sinless perfection or a striving for sinless perfection that we could take credit for.

That means the elect would grow adding knowledge and love to faith as Peter said. This is a process that perfects faith in that the elect can then stand against the world and not be unsettled and continue to the end of life .

But this does not in any way imply moving toward sinless perfection. Righteousness is imputed as Christ is our righteousness. Righteousness is not imparted as the Methodists teach. I reject the concepts of imparted righteousness of the Methodists and infused righteousness of the Catholics. 

Righteousness belongs to God alone. He alone is righteous. The idea that righteousness is imparted to others is simply evil doctrine. Even in eternity, the righteousness that would reside in man or the angels is righteousness that belongs to God. That will never change. Ever. Don't be fooled by these Methodist morons.

The Spirit of Christ occupies the elect. But the Holy Spirit is His own person. While His person is permanently dwelling within the elect believer, the Spirit belongs to Himself and not to any created being. That will never change. The elect become the righteousness of God only because we are in God, through Christ.

Some who oppose Methodism say Christ's righteousness cannot be imputed. That is false teaching as well, because the righteousness of Christ is counted or reckoned toward the accounts of the elect through faith. Christ's righteousness is applied to our record, or our account, in the eyes of God. But it remains His righteousness.

The elect should and will never forget this truth. Remember this, Wesley and the Catholics believed in Free Will and not in Election and Predestination. They sought sinless perfection, (although some denied it in their groups), and they sought it because of their fear of falling away. But Christ keeps the elect by faith. He is the master of the elect to the end of life.  

But the perfection of the Methodists and their free will descendants and denominations is towards a sinless perfection. They freely admit it even if they don't believe it is perfectly attainable. That is false doctrine and against Christ. John Wesley was an arrogant pretender. The setting apart of the elect in sanctification is hardly perfect much of the time. Paul said he was not perfect in sanctification.


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