God Will Win in the End

Darkness is upon the nations. God looks as if He is defeated. The nations have united into empire and the few that resist the empire are surrounded. So many nations hate sovereignty, and certainly the nations that seek sovereignty are made out to be the evil ones. Well, no nation lives in the truth of the gospel, to be sure, but the nations who resist empire swallowing them up are actually limiting the power of empire, the power of world unity. That is a good thing for tolerance, Christian peace, and world peace.

How long this will go on, as the empire seeks to get stronger, is unknown. But I believe Christ will return soon, and this return will exhibit the wrath of God upon empire, as well as on unbelief. This is My Christian View of Israel. 

I wrote a piece at Talkmarkets, and I republish it here for you now with this link to it. I hope it clears things up as to God's plan for the nations, to be sovereign and live in peace. We know that the Tower of Babel was proof mankind was for empire and world unity. The Westfalia or Westphalia Peace was a plan to give back sovereignty to the nations in Europe. This concept has been shattered. Read on to see how and why. I believe this empire and world unity will be stopped before it gains absolute power. Christ will return to rescue the Christians and destroy this order of things:


Larry Summers 100 Dollar Bill Ban and Westfalia Lost:

Much has already been written about Larry Summers seeking a ban on the hundred dollar bill. Perhaps the strongest push back came from Tyler Durden. It is recommended reading for sure.
But there is more to know about this process that must be understood by real patriots. Here are the three most important and alarming facts that must be understood from Larry Summers' words.
1. The announcement from Larry Summers was allowed to be published to all local TV stations. I about fell out of my chair when I saw the announcement on channel 13 in Las Vegas. The Los Angeles CBS local station carried the story as did many others.  Monetary matters just don't make it down to the average man in the street very often. This clearly means that the people who control American media want or have been ordered to report, a move towards cashlessness. It won't happen overnight. But the $100 dollar bill is a symbol of monetary freedom. The war on cash will be on full force if it is abolished.

2. As Tyler Durden mentioned, this onslaught against cash was couched in terms of crime. Crime is simply not the central reason for banning cash. Nirp is! It is dishonest for Larry Summers, who has made his views known on the possibility of negative interest rates to couch the argument against 100 dollar bills in a fashion that leaves out NIRP as a policy. The local news attempted brainwashing the public by not bringing up the possibility of NIRP as we relentlessly slide toward lower yields on the long bonds. This should be a crime in and of itself!

But speaking to crime, banning large bills has implications for helping criminals. People will want to hide smaller bills if larger ones disappear. But they will be easier to find. Criminals will start looking for wads of $20's. Forcing families to hide larger bills will exacerbate crime.

3. People need to understand the concept of the Westphalian Peace, and the background of the professor at Harvard, who Summers looked to for the study on getting rid of the big bill, was a former British banker, formerly CEO of Standard Charter, Peter Sands. We have to understand what is going on here.

The center of world finance is still the British Empire. Ask Jamie Dimon about that when his London Whale lost the 6.2 billion dollars for JP Morgan. The center of finance is the UK, and it is a global system that reaches to the USA, to France, to Germany, to Israel and to Hong Kong, etc. The average citizen is under financial attack in all those nations as efforts exist to limit cash and ultimately follow the Scandinavian nations' lead in the abolition of cash.

The elite who back this consolidated new world order have designs on super sovereignty, a one world currency, in my opinion. In the meantime, it has designs on implementing NIRP, and needs cashlessness in case people would resort to pulling their money out of the banks. It may not be necessary, but it sounds like the elite do not want to take any chances of massive bank runs.  This empire, if you will, does not care about the US constitution, or of freedom, or of any sovereign power of the nations.
For Henry Kissinger, a serious proponent of this new world order, the concept of Westphalian Sovereignty, which is the concept that rules interactions between the nations, is breaking down .
Kissinger said this in the link above:
The Peace of Westphalia became a turning point in the history of nations because the elements it set in place were as uncomplicated as they were sweeping. The state,not the empire, dynasty, or religious confession, was affirmed as the building block of European order. The concept of state sovereignty was established.
 Well, we know the elite are breaking the concept of sovereignty down. This not only impacts the banking system, it also is a rational for regime chance in the middle east. There is no room for Westphalian Sovereignty in the middle east, as Iraq and Libya have fallen, and Syria is next if doctrines of regime change, similar to that taught by Oded Yinon are fully realized.

But back to the banks and globalism. Westphalian doctrine was at work, at least in part, in the Great Depression, when FDR imposed Glass-Steagall upon the banks. But this power was not to be found in the Great Recession, when the middle class was fleeced by the elite for trillions of dollars. Glass-Steagall and other crucial laws were undone in the Great Recession by a banking empire that did not operate according to the rules of Westfalia.

So, when I say that Larry Summers is not a patriot in seeking negative interest rates and the abolition of cash, I am saying that he likely opposes the original Westphalian concept as does Kissinger, as did Cheney, as did the Bush family. This process of destruction of sovereignty is ongoing. It is carried on by both political parties. Unlike the Romans, who bludgeoned nations into limited sovereignty, this neo Roman Empire does so by monetary pressure. No place has this been more evident than in the Eurozone. We see Germany bludgeoning the peripheral nations with the common Euro. It is excruciating to watch.

Yet Kissinger says the Eurozone is a return to a Westfalian order. If you believe that I have some land in Florida I want to sell you. The water will evaporate, someday.

As far as the middle east is concerned, the destruction of sovereignty through regime change opposes sovereignty. There is simply nothing moral about the west's colonization and intervention in the middle east, no matter how delightfully Henry Kissinger paints the process.

Likewise, there is nothing moral in Larry Summers' efforts to turn banking upside down, seeking negative interest rates and cashlessness. That is a manifestation of globalist empire and must not be permitted to proceed, or we will indeed proceed at great peril. A Westfalia-based system needs to be reestablished over the banking system. Otherwise, it the concept of national sovereignty will be lost for all time.

Empires colonize. Empires oppress the subjects. Empires force banking solutions on the people. Can anyone deny that a Westfalia-like sovereignty is at grave risk of destruction in Summers' and Kissinger's New World Order?


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