The USA Is Subject to God's Wrath. Comparing Our Empire with Sodom

I love my country. But it is not the same country I grew up knowing. It is evil, turning to the darkside with the election of George W Bush and the introduction of Dick Darkside Cheney. I posted this to Business Insider. Wake up America: 

This nation is already on the thin ice of God's anger because we armed ISIS and because we support regime change and empire and Israel over the Westfalia Peace of national sovereignty. If we add to that a bigoted hater (Trump) as president, it would have been better had we been born in Sodom. Oh, and Sodom was destroyed according to Ezekiel chapter 16, because it did not help the poor and needy. And what does Trump want to do, march 11 million of them to the border? And he wants to pay people lower wages? We are Sodom, or getting very close. Watch out America!

If Trump wants to stop people from coming into the nation then he has that right. I support national sovereignty, but he only supports it so far. He bows to Israel. As far as the illegals are concerned, he does not have the right to march 11 million people into certain poverty and likely death at the border of the United States and Mexico. 

If Sodom, a nation that was not chosen by God, (no nation is chosen by God in the New Covenant age), can be destroyed because of how it treated the poor and needy among it, then America can be destroyed for marching 11 million men, women and children to the border. Does Donald Trump really hate that much?

Christians need to pray for America, that it will reject fascism and hatred.


  1. Wow - straight from that evil Bush to the evil Trump. And no word of Obama!

  2. Obama is an integral part of it, but, not as dangerous as Trump could be.


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