Donald Trump's Defense of Christmas Is False Religion

Donald Trump defends Christmas. Of course, we know that is purely false religion. Christmas has no defense, in a spiritual sense. Spiritually, in the divine scheme of things, it is absolutely useless. The elect are saved on any day. Few are saved. Most, and it hurts me as a member of the human race to say this, are lost.

Before I show you the truth, can you have a tree, can you say "merry christmas" as a greeting to unbelievers who say it to you first, can you have presents? As long as you realize that these three things have no spiritual significance whatsoever, it is harmless. Christmas is a secular get together of family. That isn't Christian truth, it is just a gathering.

If you are uncomfortable saying merry christmas to people, say happy holidays. You don't have to make a big deal to people who have no spiritual understanding. The gospel is the power of God, not a day.

Truth is, you can't be a "good Christian" if you believe Christmas, a former pagan holiday, with the word "mass" attached, is holy. A mass is false religion because it speaks to the evil doctrine of transubstantiation, which posits that Christ is offered as a sacrifice in the communion. That is an absurd and wicked doctrine, as Christ died one time and is seated at the right hand of the Father.

The bread and wine of the communion is not transformed into the physical body of Christ. When Jesus said you must eat his body and drink his blood he was referring to believing in Him. Those who come to him in faith are partaking of heavenly sustenance.

So, anything associated with "mass" is a false religion.

And besides, the birthday of Christ was likely in the fall. The date is unknown and even if it were known it would only be a holy day to the weak in faith, like the Sabbath is holy to the weak in faith. The true Sabbath is faith to the end as we see in the book of Hebrews.

Since the date of Christ's birthday is not December 25th, it should not be a holy day to the weak in faith, because it isn't Christ's birthday!

So, Donald Trump is defending christmas, and is a man without any knowledge of the truth. Remember that and don't be swayed by those who use the government to further religious truth. The government has no such power or authority to do so.

We pray for our leaders like Trump, but we know God ultimately turns their hearts to do his will even if they don't know He is doing so. But government is not an agency of the gospel, and the government of God rests upon the spoken words of Christ and the spiritual interpretations of the Apostles and prophets of the New Testament writings in conjunction with the Old Testament inspired writings.


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