Israel's Contempt of Jesus Christ on Display

Israel, reeling from a 14-0 vote by the United Nations to stop settlements on Palestinian lands showed contempt for Jesus Christ. Israel proves it does not know the Grace of God by saying that Israel "does not turn the other cheek" when disapproving of those who voted against the fake Zion.

Bringing Christ's wisdom into an argument on which that wisdom does not really apply, and on an argument for which Israel has no godly authority anyway, the theft of Palestinian land, is a brazen thing to do. Prime Minister Netanyahu said this brazen thing:

 “Israel is a country with national pride, and we do not turn the other cheek,”

God is infinitely patient with a nation that hides behind religion but was only a political movement that went against the prophets. Those prophets said the New Zion would be established by a Prince of Peace.

Israel's "new Zion" is hardly peaceful, having occupied the Palestinians and left them destitute for over 60 years after having booted them out of the land by murdering women and children in the war of 1948.

The True Torah Jews must come to Christ by divine grace, but they understand that the Messiah establishes the new Zion. They just don't know Christ and that New Israel have come in a spiritual and invisible Kingdom. But they know, as do we New Covenant Christians, that the prophets did not allow a violent national Israel to claim divine status. The True Torah Jews do not recognize the Zionist state.

This Israel has put a huge burden on the Palestinian people, some of whom are Christians, all in order to build a nation it was never authorized to build. The plan was hatched recently, in terms of world history, in the late 1800's by Theodor Herzl, way before the Holocaust. Most Jews in those days rejected the idea of a Zion made by man.

The UN vote sealing the world's view against Israel for building settlements, in effect condemning the stealing Palestinian lands, is just another manifestation of judgement that will one day come.

It is not that the UN is holy, or worldly governments are holy. That is not the case. But God worked to seal the judgement that is coming against the central enemy of God in the world, Zionism.

He has many enemies who labor in unbelief, but Zionism is not the essence of being Jewish. Zionism does not speak for all Jewish people. Some Jewish people, descendants of Jewish relatives, are saved by the grace of Christ Jesus.

They have no need for Israel to speak for them. Many other Jewish people do not consider Israel as their voice, either.

Zionism simply ignored the prophets, and attempted to build a Zion which is no Zion at all.

On the political side of this, the US still protects Israel and administrations have constantly, and this includes even pro Israel W Bush administration, opposed the settlements. Technically, the settlements are a war crime, so you hear Israel say it is not an occupation to avoid the war crime label. Now, with the UN vote, it will be harder to do that.

Obama is a Zionist, as are many non Jews these days, but he is a reluctant one. I have said that for a long time. He was involved in Yinon style regime change in Libya, a disaster for nominal Christians there. He did many things to bleed our resources in the Middle East. He still gave Israel a big foreign aid raise, to almost 40 billion dollars over 10 years.

From a political perspective, biting the hand that feeds you is not a good idea, but the spiritual harm Netanyahu has brought upon himself is far worse, and is the real spiritual condemnation of the man.

Those of us with Jewish heritage in our family line (I am adopted and raised by Gentiles), who are called to be Christians do not need a "Jewish state" to speak for us. We await the judgement day when all of this truth will be revealed to all. Come soon, Lord Jesus. 


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