New Covenant Superior to Old Covenant

Point of ComparisonThe Nation of IsraelThe Body of Christ
Promise to AbrahamSame promise given to the
Nation of Israel
Fulfilled in the Church
“I will make of thee a
Genesis 12:3
“IF you will obey... and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me...a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation.....”
Exodus 19:5,6.
“Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a Great Nation.” a spiritual house, a holy are a chosen generation, a royal [kingly] priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people...
I Peter 2:9
Both chosen
Isa. 51:4I Peter 2:9
Kind of nationPhysicalSpiritual
Basis of citizenshipNatural birthSpiritual birth
Spiritual state of citizensSaved and lost Rom 9:6Saved only - Heb 8:10,11
Proof of citizenshipCircumcision in the flesh by human handsCircumcision of the heart by Holy Spirit
Both are the “seed of Abraham” by birth.Born “after the flesh” - “natural” seed only.Born “after the spirit” - “spiritual” seed.
Relationship to GodLoved, chosen, redeemed, adopted, as a physical nation among nations.Loved, chosen, redeemed, and adopted as a spiritual family.
Both “redeemed”Physically - from EgyptSpiritually - from sin
Both “called by God”Out of EgyptOut of the world
Covenant foundation
of nationhood
Decalogue - “Do” and live,
Disobey and die
Blood of Christ “Finished” - believe
Condition of blessingWorks - ObedienceGrace - Faith
Government or ruleWhole Mosaic EconomyWhole law of Christ
Goal - Become the true “holy nation” of God Ex 19:45Never realized - The IF never fulfilledRealized by EVERY citizen in the nation - “ye ARE”


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