Wicked Zionism Keeps Palestinian Money. This Is Theft

The wicked Zionists are keeping Palestinian money. This is pure theft. This is because the Palestinians want to act like a real nation they have the right to be. They want to join the International Criminal Court. But the Zionist war criminals won't let them.

Jewish people and descendants of Jews like myself must stand up against this theft. This is wicked, and people are having trouble struggling to make it in Palestinian territory, which, by the way, is also being taken by the Israelis against international law. Israel is a sign of historical change, but is not a holy nation. It will be judged with all the other nations. See Luke 21:24 and Roman's chapter 11 which show individual descendants of Jews now eligible to be called to eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Still, the fake Zion must stop doing this wickedness, which is salting away the wrath of God who is certaily more angered daily at this misuse of His name, of the name of His servant David, of the misuse or should I say the ignoring of the prophets, who said the New Zion would come in peace. The fake Zion that is Israel came in war, and that war is against international law and against the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

It is time for the world to give Palestinians the rights they deserve. The oppression of the Zionist must end, it simply must end! How much more proof does anyone need that Israel is the occupier of the Palestinian people and that whatever they say refuting this fact is a lie, or as Trump would say, an alternative fact. And yet, Trump supports this hogwash.


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