Blind Faith and Alter Calls Are False Religion

Blind faith, faith not based on internal revelation of Jesus Christ at the time and place God chooses to reveal His Son, is false religion. Faith of the Bible is found in Hebrews, where faith is the evidence of things unseen. It is not blind trust in things unseen, the evidence is placed into the believer by divine power. The gospel message, which could be applied immediately or at a later time, stays with the elect of God to be used by him at the exact time determined for the elect to be transported into the Kingdom of God.

This divine revelation of the Son is a once and for all act of God. Abraham was justified by faith many times, according to the record, but the initial justification brought Abraham into the family of God. The elect from the Old Testament were formally admitted into the New Covenant Kingdom of God at the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as many were spotted among the populace of Jerusalem.

Alter calls have no power. Praying for someone to do steps to be saved has no power. These are, like blind faith, false religion. There is no power in Billy Graham type charades. There is no power in Charles Spurgeon type prayer by attendents who spot sorrow on the faces of the non elect. There were no elect in Spurgeon's movement because he preached about this and that sin, seeking outward reformation before the gospel could be applied. That was false religion. Spurgeon taught divine election but in practice he, like all the Protestants, attempted to get people to get in the way of faith, to act to procure divine election.

Billy Graham's alter calls were likewise a rebuke of divine election. Free will was simply taught in place of the distortion of election by grace, as was taught by Spurgeon. Graham was honest about the fraudulent coaxing of people while Spurgeon hid behind divine election, while coaxing people.

Reject these men. If anyone preaching New Covenant supports these men, then attempt to teach him and if he refuses to reject them, walk away and preserve your Godly power that has been granted to you.

Come Soon, Lord Jesus.


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