Sent the Gospel and DNA Tests to Jewish Foundation

I sent the gospel and my DNA tests to a Jewish Foundation that had rejected the testing years before. But the testing is more specific now. All the Jewish strains can be located, from Yemeni to Ethiopian to Sephardic:

Hi *******,When I was in college, my Jewish roommate asked me, are you Jewish? I said, I don't know, I am adopted. He said I looked like his best friend in LA, an identical twin he said. So, I carried it around for years. I had my DNA tested this year. I have strong Sephardic and Ashkenazi roots, and Romanian Jew, Yemini Jew, Moroccan Jew, Ethiopian Jew and North African Jew. I am strongly both North Atlantic and Mediterranean. 

Here is a sample of one of the tests:Using 4 populations approximation:


1 Finn + Romanian_Jew + Spanish_Aragon_IBS + Spanish_Canarias_IBS @ 3.1116522 Finn_West + French + Maltese + Spanish_Canarias_IBS @ 3.1148123 Finn + Romanian_Jew + Spanish_Canarias_IBS + Spanish_Cantabria_IBS @ 3.1188674 Ashkenazi + Finn_East + Spanish_Canarias_IBS + Spanish_Cantabria_IBS @ 3.1685485 Finnish_FIN + Romanian_Jew + Spanish_Canarias_IBS + Spanish_Cantabria_IBS @ 3.1752666 Ashkenazi + Finn_East + Spanish_Canarias_IBS + Spanish_Valencia_IBS @ 3.1797087 Finn + Romanian_Jew + Spanish_Canarias_IBS + Spanish_Valencia_IBS @ 3.1824518 Finnish_FIN + Romanian_Jew + Spanish_Aragon_IBS + Spanish_Canarias_IBS @ 3.1856329 Ashkenazi + Finn + Spanish_Canarias_IBS + Spanish_Valencia_IBS @ 3.19063010 Ashkenazi + Finn + Spanish_Aragon_IBS + Spanish_Canarias_IBS @ 3.19125711 Ashkenazi + Finn_East + Spanish_Canarias_IBS + Spanish_Galicia_IBS @ 3.20225512 Ashkenazi + Finnish-East + Spanish_Canarias_IBS + Spanish_Galicia_IBS @ 3.20824113 Ashkenazi + Finn_East + Spanish_Aragon_IBS + Spanish_Canarias_IBS @ 3.21357914 Ashkenazi + Finnish-East + Spanish_Canarias_IBS + Spanish_Valencia_IBS @ 3.21856515 Finn_East + Romanian_Jew + Spanish_Canarias_IBS + Spanish_Cantabria_IBS @ 3.22094516 Ashkenazi + Finnish_FIN + Spanish_Aragon_IBS + Spanish_Canarias_IBS @ 3.22236817 Ashkenazi + Finn_East + Spanish_Canarias_IBS + Spanish_Cataluna_IBS @ 3.22405218 Ashkenazi + Finn + Spanish_Canarias_IBS + Spanish_Cantabria_IBS @ 3.22428219 Finn_East + Italian_Tuscan + Portugese + Spanish_Canarias_IBS @ 3.22878220 Italian_Piedmont + Portugese + Russian-Ural + Spanish_Canarias_IBS @ 3.230893All of my tests test out Jewish. You know, the Apostle Paul in Romans 11 said that the genetic descendants of Jacob would be called at the very end of time. The elect would come from chosen Jews as the fullness of the Gentiles time was completed. Well, just as this is happening, the DNA testing can show you, if you want, your genetic Jewish background. I didn't need it to understand my calling, but it was great to find out. Paul was right. You are, on the other hand, wrong. You should turn to Christ. There are few Christians in the world right now. The calling is for Jews and descendants of Jacob, just like the Apostle said. You cannot deny the truth. There is an election by grace. But few are chosen, even fewer than it has always been!You know the Prophets said the New Zion is established by the Messiah. David Ben-Gurion, a self avowed atheist according to Israel Shahak, was no Messiah. Israel is a fake Zion. Turn to Christ! The time is now for us. Gary AndersonMy Y DNA Reveals Jewish


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