My Gedmatch Jewish Roots Force AntiIsrael Stance: Palestinian DNA

From the link above:

My Gedmatch Jewish roots are verified. It wasn't like I didn't already know. But when you are adopted, you want something concrete to back you up. I will list some charts below, but first, I want to tell you two things about Israel.

First, the African 9 test towards the end of this article shows that I am Yemeni Jewish and Ethiopian Jewish. Both of these groups made their way in recent times to Israel. Turns out they were mistreated. The Ethiopian Jews were mistreated by the racism they faced and still face in Israel. The Yemeni Jews had their babies stolen by a cruel nation.

Second, Israel, a colonial power, took away Palestinian land. But as you get into DNA, you realize that the Zionists stole the land from their biological brothers. Many Palestinians have ancient Hebrew DNA. It is true that they are not practicing Judaism, but neither do I. I am a New Covenant Christian.

And did you know that the Zionists who founded Israel were self avowed atheists? They didn't practice Judaism either! Israel Shahak verified this truth about the founders of Israel.

I reject Israeli racism and bigotry. All people with half a conscience must do so. Israel must give these people, the Ethiopian Jews, the Yemeni Jews, and the Palestinians due justice that has been denied them for decades.

Look, the nation of Spain is welcoming back Jewish Spaniards banished in the Inquisition. Spain is wanting to grant dual citizenship to Sephardic Jews. The list includes 5000 names!

So, back to my DNA. I am adopted, so it isn't easy finding birth parents, but it is easy to find your ancestry. The descendants of Jacob are physical descendants. There is a blood tie even if no religious tie. I believe in tolerance of all religions and races, so all of this DNA stuff fascinates me and should make all this info about who is inferior or superior to whom, totally irrelevant.

So, I took a few Gedmatch tests. How it works is that you test at 23 and Me, or Ancestry, or FamilyTreeDNA and you upload your results to Gedmatch. It is easy. I did both autosomal Family Finder and Y tests at Family Tree. I recommend Family Finder or Ancestry basic test if you only want to do one to see how things go. As far as I know, Y testing won't upload to Gedmatch. But Y tests are good for projects you can join on FamilyTreeDNA.

BTW, if you are Hispanic, and your people came to America from Cuba or Mexico or Spain or Azores or Canary Islands or Portugal, you may be Jewish too. Just FYI!


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