Wikipedia, Fenley and SGM Fail to Uncover Gospel Truth

I will cover Wikipedia failings as well as the failings of Sovereign Grace Ministries (SG), and Ward Fenley, the preterist at eschatology dot com.

Wikipedia Fail

1. If you think you will find biblical truth on Wikipedia you will fail. First of all, the faithless website says this about the discussion of the Apostle Paul:

This article improperly uses one or more religious texts as primary sources without referring to secondary sources that critically analyze them

The bible needs no secondary analysis! All other writings must be analyzed by the Word of God. Sorry, Wikipedia you get a great big fail. The above sentence is faith destroying.

Now, the articles about the Apostle Paul and the New Covenant are a joke as well. Only it really isn't that funny. An entire article, which I won't link to, speaks about Paul without even bothering to speak to Romans 11. Romans 11 is clear. The genetic descendants of Jacob will be saved when there is a hardening of the Gentiles. That is not in the past, as another fake preacher says, it is happening now. Wikipedia leaves out the entire discussion, crucial to understanding Paul.


Phony NCT Fail

2.  The SGM errors of thinking Christ is not sitting on the Throne of David, (He is) are proof of a bankrupt phony New Covenant Theology. How could anyone say that? Because even those who are phony New Covenant Theologians often are sucked in by Dispensationalism, thinking modern Israel has a place in gospel matters. While a few elect may or may not reside there,  modern Israel is not essential in any way to gospel truth any more than the USA is essential or holy.

Do not be deceived. The Book of Acts is clear. Jesus is now sitting upon the throne of David.


Full Preterist Fail

3. Ward Fenley at eschatology dot com, fails to acknowledge that saving the elect Jews is happening now, not just back when Paul was alive. Fenley is perhaps one of those lost Gentiles, a full Preterist. 

Romans 11 is being fulfilled, now. The Gentiles are hardened and God is calling Jewish people to be Christians. They must escape Protestantism and they must escape Dispensationalism. There is only one way of salvation, and that is the gospel, which is a POWER. Faith comes be the POWER of the gospel.

I wrote this to the deceiver Fenley:

The fulfillment of Romans 11 did not happen in Paul's time. If it did how do you explain Gentiles being saved in the 2000 years between then and now? No, it is being fulfilled now. Now Jews are believing, and the criteria Paul used was link to the gene pool, ie, descendants. Turns out, DNA testing is now, and now the elect Jews are being saved and Gentiles are lost. And that includes Reformed Baptists, Covenant Theologians, Dispensationalists, Sound of Grace Ministries, Jon Zens Ministries and all sellers of the gospel.
Oh, and the lost list includes New Covenant Theologians who say the modern Israel is holy or had divine authority. It doesn't. Israel was founded by self avowed atheists, and ignored the prophets who said that the New Zion would come in peace by the Messiah. Therefore, we know that physical Israel is not the New Zion and neither is it located in Salt Lake City, home of the Mormons. The only New Zion is believers, and Gentiles are hardened. We pray a few could be saved, but that is not certain at this time. Hopefully some will be saved by the gospel.
The law has no power, and the gospel is the power of God and was the power that saved Abraham as it preceded the law and Abraham's faith preceded the law. Belief in Christ comes from the power of the gospel. The gospel was slightly different in the Old Covenant Times, as Job believed His redeemer was alive. The good news looked to the future but was still the power of God that changed the heart of the elect. Job could only know his redeemer lived by the power of God pointing to the death and resurrection of Christ. God said to a prophet that he had reserved to himself 7,000 men. That was through the power of the future hope offered by the future fulfillment of the gospel. It was a power, just like the fulfilled gospel is a power upon the elect in the New Covenant age. Were the elect in the Old Covenant yet in the New Covenant? No, not until the resurrection. Many were seen on the streets of Jerusalem. 
Fenley goes on to teach that the end of the age of wheat and tares was the end of the Jewish age, 70 AD. But this is full preterism, Full preterism is false religion. All has been fulfilled, except the times of the Jews which is now ongoing after the times of the Gentiles, and the return of Christ in the clouds.

This means partial preterism as spelled out here is the truth of the gospel in the last hours.

Don't be unmoved from your faith by Ward Fenley! I repeat, partial preterism is true biblical doctrine, not full preterism, saying the resurrection is past. 


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