Donald Trump Is Still a Racist Opposed to the Gospel

Donald Trump is still a racist. He is opposed to the gospel on that account. He never apologized for his racist campaign, and although he has rolled back extremism on some issues, he is still a racist and dangerous man.

We are to respect the president. We are not to condone the racism, ever. It is buried beneath the surface, now, but it has not gone away:

1. His lack of respect for the Native Americans is racism.

2. His wholesale effort to ban Muslims but not other religious people from a certain number of nations is racist.

3. His efforts to build a wall to keep Mexican illegal aliens out has the support of the letter of the law in the USA. However, Trump has shown he is a racist and he is disrespectful of Mexico, a nation that has the ability to create nuclear weapons. This is not the kind of sovereignty of nations that God expected when he dispersed the peoples at the Tower of Babel. Nations should respect nations. When sovereignty becomes disrespectful, it becomes as dangerous as extreme globalization.

Further, disrespecting police who don't want to keep people in neighborhoods in fear is a direct result of Trump's efforts to get them to turn illegals over to the Federal Government. Crime could increase under those circumstances.

If Trump were not a racist, he would make a stronger border, if necessary, without going to extreme. He would make friends with Mexico. Trump is a dangerous man, who will end up hurting the United States of America in the long run. It turns out that many congressmen from states along the border oppose a wasteful wall and prefer technical improvements to border surveillance.

4. The neocons disrespect nations with regime change. Donald Trump has held back in opposition to the neocons, but how will it be going forward? Only time will tell.

5. Based on economics, Trump seeks to undermine the US as holder of the world reserve currency, the dollar by pushing a mercantilist agenda. We will see how far he takes that and a big border tax. That could come back to hurt the US consumer, and causes more difficult financial times.


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