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Franklin Graham Is an Idiot Like His Father Was

Franklin Graham is an idiot. He is an idiot in teaching "free will". He is a Dispensationalist and probably reeks of Covenant Theology too. But he is an idiot in thinking God is behind the presidency of Donald Trump. Trump is a racist. He is a joke. God wasn't behind the rise of Hitler. And he isn't behind the rise of Trump, the buffoon. Fact is, racism is a very dangerous policy in America. It is probably the single greatest threat to our society. No real Christian can be pleased with the racism of Donald Trump. That is what makes Franklin Graham such a buffoon in his own right. These leaders in the news have no clue. They all will go to hell. They aren't called and they have no truth in them. Don't be fooled by the glitz of big evangelism. It is all just a big fat lie. Now, it is of course true that God planned all things. He planned the outworking of evil but he did not create sin. Man created sin. Man had the evil heart. God preplanned the evil th

You Do Not Have to Have Direct Middle East Connect to Be Jacob's

In determining relationships, we have DNA testing. Trying to determine relationships to Jacob, to fulfill Romans 11 with the times of the Jews being now, is virtually impossible. If you are related to known Jewish people, either Sephardic or Ashkenazi, you will see a connection to Jacob through those relationships. If you have ancient Jewish DNA it will show up in the Gedrosian k3 test on Gedmatch. Many who have little modern DNA that is Jewish do have ancient DNA that is Jewish! I have over 150 3/4 to full Ashkenazi relatives that are considered "cousins". I have many Sephardic relationships and ties to Moroccan Jews, and Yemeni Jews on admixtures on Gedmatch. On 23 and me I have no direct middle east connection, as it has washed out over time. I have relatives who have middle east connections. But really, the issue is being related to Jewish people, having the DNA that shows some relationship. And still, it is possible to be related to Jacob by blood, and yet not hav

Being Ashkenazi Will Not Condemn You to Hell

Being Ashkenazi will not condemn a person to hell. In fact, I have some Ashkenazi DNA from cousins who are full Ashkenazi's, not counting all the hundreds who have some Ashkenazi. If we believe that the elect in Christ will hear God's word, we can know that salvation for the Jews in Christ, is coming into effect according to Romans 11. Jews of Sephardic, Ashkenazi and any other backgrounds who are genetically tied by any distant ancient relative, to Jacob can be of the elect in Christ! The ladder is a promise to Jacob of his descendants being linked to God by Christ. While Jacob was promised a physical nation, hidden is the truth, in my opinion, that the children of the promise to Jacob are the elect Jews as Christ fulfilled Jacob. Romans 11 shows a hardening of the Jews, then a hardening of the Gentiles, as their fullness is completed. The elect Jews are grafted back into the natural root according to Romans 11: 25 I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brot

My DNAJewish Connection

Update: Since this was posted, I have gained 200 Ashkenzi and numerous Sephardic cousins on Chromosomes 6 and 22 and they have been triangulated with a common ancestor. I am Iberian with a preponderance of Portuguese. I have Belmonte Jewish in my admixture testing. I also have Jewish relatives in NYC! So, we know Portuguese Sephardic Jews went to Amsterdam, and there were poor Ashkenazi Jews there. And of course, eventually, these poor Ashkenazi Jews moved to the New Amsterdam, NYC. Some of my ancient relationships took place prior to 1492, but I also have many triangulated 5th and 6th Ashkenazi cousins. Some relationships took place, as we know by history, prior to 1492 when Mr Whipp's ancestor, Cohen de Lara, and most everyone Jewish, were booted out of Spain! The relationships are real, just not tree worthy. Well, that is not what is important in my mind regarding this.  So, because we don't fit a Jewish cluster with my Y111 test does not mean that we don&#