Franklin Graham Is an Idiot Like His Father Was

Franklin Graham is an idiot. He is an idiot in teaching "free will". He is a Dispensationalist and probably reeks of Covenant Theology too. But he is an idiot in thinking God is behind the presidency of Donald Trump. Trump is a racist. He is a joke. God wasn't behind the rise of Hitler. And he isn't behind the rise of Trump, the buffoon.

Fact is, racism is a very dangerous policy in America. It is probably the single greatest threat to our society. No real Christian can be pleased with the racism of Donald Trump. That is what makes Franklin Graham such a buffoon in his own right.

These leaders in the news have no clue. They all will go to hell. They aren't called and they have no truth in them.

Don't be fooled by the glitz of big evangelism. It is all just a big fat lie.

Now, it is of course true that God planned all things. He planned the outworking of evil but he did not create sin. Man created sin. Man had the evil heart. God preplanned the evil that works itself out in government and in our daily lives.

There is none righteous but God. And he does not infuse the elect with that righteousness, but rather counts righteousness to their accounts through faith He supplies. God does not infuse, but rather through all eternally, will be the only righteous one, and those who love him will reap the rewards of His righteousness.

No one will compare themselves to God, as if they are infused with righteousness.  That is a false Methodist doctrine from the pit of Hell.

And yes, Billy Graham was a stone cold idiot just like his son. 


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