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Since this was posted, I have gained 200 Ashkenzi and numerous Sephardic cousins on Chromosomes 6 and 22 and they have been triangulated with a common ancestor. I am Iberian with a preponderance of Portuguese. I have Belmonte Jewish in my admixture testing. I also have Jewish relatives in NYC! So, we know Portuguese Sephardic Jews went to Amsterdam, and there were poor Ashkenazi Jews there. And of course, eventually, these poor Ashkenazi Jews moved to the New Amsterdam, NYC.

Some of my ancient relationships took place prior to 1492, but I also have many triangulated 5th and 6th Ashkenazi cousins.

Some relationships took place, as we know by history, prior to 1492 when Mr Whipp's ancestor, Cohen de Lara, and most everyone Jewish, were booted out of Spain!

The relationships are real, just not tree worthy. Well, that is not what is important in my mind regarding this. 

So, because we don't fit a Jewish cluster with my Y111 test does not mean that we don't have many Jewish people in our line. We do in fact have many Jewish people in our line. 

And speaking of Cohen, some of my cousins are levites and Cohens.  Cohens were a part of the Levitical priesthood, while the Levites were also, being the administratiors of the Temple of God, and musicians and organizers of stuff. There were other tribes, like Judah. 

Gary Anderson (Ramirez)


The transition from the times of the Gentiles to the times of Jewish people being saved is in full mode. Not many are saved but those who are are saved by the power of the gospel, not by the power of Old Covenant law, which never could save anyone. See Luke 21:24 and Romans chapter 11.


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