You Do Not Have to Have Direct Middle East Connect to Be Jacob's

In determining relationships, we have DNA testing. Trying to determine relationships to Jacob, to fulfill Romans 11 with the times of the Jews being now, is virtually impossible. If you are related to known Jewish people, either Sephardic or Ashkenazi, you will see a connection to Jacob through those relationships. If you have ancient Jewish DNA it will show up in the Gedrosian k3 test on Gedmatch. Many who have little modern DNA that is Jewish do have ancient DNA that is Jewish!

I have over 150 3/4 to full Ashkenazi relatives that are considered "cousins". I have many Sephardic relationships and ties to Moroccan Jews, and Yemeni Jews on admixtures on Gedmatch.

On 23 and me I have no direct middle east connection, as it has washed out over time. I have relatives who have middle east connections. But really, the issue is being related to Jewish people, having the DNA that shows some relationship.

And still, it is possible to be related to Jacob by blood, and yet not have much proof because DNA washes out. More recent middle east connections may show a historical link but it isn't necessary. If you are called to be a Christian, that is all the proof you need!

DNA battles are not worth it. Even if you have a heritage, not real matches, below 6 or 7 cM, to Jewish people, you can be confident that this is the time for you, if God chooses you. The heritage gives us confidence that we are a fulfillment of Romans 11. Yet, faith in Christ calling you is sufficient and proves your connection, historically.

The Times of the Gentiles have ended and the times of the Jews has begun. Real Christians reject the fake Zion, Israel, and stand against all empire that God hates. Live in peace, as God will deal with those who created the fake Zions in the world, often by violence. We reject the doctrine of Dispensationalism. There is New Covenant truth and the Dispensationalist lie.

Here is an awesome explanation of how to use the Admixture tools at Gedmatch:


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