My 23andMe DNA Ancestry Composition

According to 23andMe, my last fully Ashkenazi grandparent was as follows:

You most likely had a fourth-great-grandparent, fifth-great-grandparent, sixth-great-grandparent, or seventh-great- (or greater) grandparent who was 100% Ashkenazi Jewish. This person was likely born between 1680 and 1770.

Since I have two triangulated sets of Ashkenazi cousins, one set on Chromosome 6 and the other set on Chromosome 22, I likely had at least two Ashkenazi ancestors, as well as Sephardic as I show 25.5 percent Iberian and triangulate with some Sephardic persons on Chromosome 22. 

By Gedmatch, using the ancient Gedrosian tests, I also have middle eastern Jewish DNA compared to ancient samples taken by the Scientist Behar.

Just like Abraham, Jacob had physical descendents and spiritual descendents within those physical descendents, the remnant spoken of by Paul. That latter day remnant is being called now!

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