The Gospel Is the Only Power of God

John the Baptist stood for the truth against people who claimed to be religious. It wasn't pretty. Christ stood against the money changers and Pharisees and it wasn't pretty. Preservation of the gospel is at stake here. 

When you have Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Flavel, Spurgeon nullifying the predestination they supposedly believed in by preaching law conviction, and Billy Graham teaching law conviction and free will, you see a trampling of the Son of God, who offered Himself the perfect sacrifice so that the gospel would no longer be hidden in the law of Moses but rather freed from any reliance on the law. 

The law was a schoolmaster, historically, showing the futility of man's works and of it's ability to save anyone. The gospel saved the prophets, not any application of the law of sin and death. The law of life is the law of Christ and the commandment is to believe with a God given faith to the end of life.

The Protestants and Catholics have misinterpreted the law being a schoolmaster, historically, to meaning law conviction. But that is plainly a misinterpretation of the passage and was put there to fool the non elect. It isn't a question of them being just flawed human beings.

It is a question of knowing how the gospel works. If a person does not know how the gospel works he never had it work on him! That is simply how it is. It is a way that the elect, the very few elect, understand spirit and writing and teaching of the non elect. They simply don't know how the gospel works because they were never saved. The Giants of the Protestant religion and Catholic religion are not to be celebrated in any way.

The gospel saves from start to finish. The gospel is the power of God, from the initial sword of conviction (ask Paul about the Road to Damascus experience), to faith to the end of life.


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