The New World Order in a Nutshell

This is a series of comments I recently made, that are put together for you. They show how the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire does business in the world. Do they have complete world control? No. Do they want complete world control. Yes. Are they building a new world order? If they can, they will.  

Read Oded Yinon's globalist plan written almost 40 years ago. If you take the time to read it you will realize that both parties have promoted his plan. Right/left means nothing. We are ruled by the Zionist globalists. Read Yinon and you will see his plan for the world is what is happening. The Saudis read it. They are Zionists too.

And the Russians read it. They hated Clinton for good reason. She wanted to disrupt Russia. But Trump is a loose cannon. He will bend if the globalists force it on him.

Hatred of Muslims is a globalist goal. Trump is tolerated by the globalists because he is a racist like they are. We bow to racist Israel who have subjugated the Palestinians for 60 years.

.Now the globalists control economics. Not much we can do about that. But we can change the policy of regime change which is illegal and immoral.

The globalists use that idea of artificial boundaries that threw diverse people together in the Arab world as a reason to do regime change.

Read Yinon, it is all over the net. Dare to read it about the dark side Cheney spoke about. I don't have to prove Yinon. He forecast regime change himself!

Chomsky who I corresponded with, has it correct. Fringe right plans are now mainstream. Also, I emailed Yinon, and said I was of part Jewish heritage. I asked him if he felt guilty for all the Innocent Muslim women and children killed in regime change. He cursed me out. He is evil.

Western Civilization has created more unjust wars than anyone, because we are controlled by the globalists who want regime change. Our Civilization is not what the founding fathers envisioned.

Ike (President Eisenhower) warned us.

JFK was the first victim of globalist regime change.

Yinon predicted regime change, the conspiracy to commit regime change. Only thing, the Israelis didn't have to do it, the US neocons did it for them.


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