The Times of the Gentiles are Fulfilled--What Does It Mean?

What does it mean that the Times of the Gentiles are fulfilled? Well, we know that in the early church, Paul lived to see the day that the Jews like himself were no longer called.  God had sovereignly turned to the Gentiles, and the elect Gentiles began to be saved. Paul turned his ministry to the Gentiles completely.

It seemed like the Times of the Jews were fulfilled in Paul's lifetime, but for the prophecy in Romans 11 that showed Jews being saved after the Times of the Gentiles were fulfilled. The elect Jews would be grafted into the Tree of Life after the Times of the Gentiles were fulfilled.

But now, we see that the creation of Israel (though filled with unholy Zionism, a fake Zion), is a sign to the world that the Times of the Gentiles have been fulfilled as we see in Luke 21:24. Ominously, for the Gentiles, the change occurred with the creation of Israel in 1948. There may be a few exceptions, but most Gentiles are lost.

Therefore, as of the millennium, it could be said that there are no Gentile Christians on earth. If God stopped calling the Gentiles in 1948, then there are no Gentile Christians left.  Could those with no Jewish DNA be saved in these last hours as exceptions? I hope so!

This is not in any way a defense of the nation of Israel, the Zionism of Israel. That doctrine opposes God, and the nation of Israel is evil like the other nations, and has too much power over my own nation, the United States of America. Zionism will be judged from the beginning of its movement, in the late 1800's.

So, looking at this creation of Israel from a Dispensationalist point of view is false religion. The state of Israel will not be saved as a nation. In the New Covenant, individuals, Jews and Gentiles are saved. Now, because Israel is a sign, the elect Jews are saved, and will be saved.

But the time is short. We are in the last hours. The elect Jews must hear the gospel and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ because unbelief is the greatest sin upon which all other sins stand or are forgiven.

Do I hope that Gentiles are saved? Of course. Do I know any who are? No. If one said he was, and understood the way, I would accept him in fellowship. But the New Covenant movement among the Gentiles is wishy washy. No blessing there from my experience.

So, beware of the Gentiles claiming to be Christian. They need to reject Catholicism, Protestantism, Messianic Judaism, Christian Zionism, and the wishy washy mainly Gentile New Covenant Theology movement. I don't see that happening. My New Covenant Theology is much more  focused on Jews in these last hours.

By descent, ancient Hebrew DNA or even more modern Jewish DNA could be found in many places because of wars, captivity, silk road, camel runs, etc. Places could include Russia, China, Western Europe, Latin America, Iberia, Middle East, Palestinians, Africa, India, Pakistan, North America and almost everywhere on earth!

Jews and descendants according to Roman's 11, it is your time. Believe in Christ.

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