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Ashkenazi Jewish Cousin of mine has Palestinian DNA

Do not be surprised that Palestinians are distant relatives of Ashkenazi Jews. Here is an Ashkenazi cousin who is, like me, a distant relative to Palestinians. The Zionists of Israel have no right to treat the Palestinians the way they do! No Christians can believe there is any justice in the occupation of the Palestinians! For clarification, I have very little Jewish but it is real. I triangulate with well over 130 tested Jewish people who have common relatives with me on two chromosomes. But, this relative has the following: Using 1 population approximation: 1 Jew_Romania_derived @ 5.707428 2 Greek_Cretan_derived @ 6.424453 3 Sicilian_derived @ 6.464532 4 Greek_East_derived @ 7.169208 5 Italian-South_derived @ 7.693140 6 Ashkenazim_derived @ 8.414227 7 Italian-Center_derived @ 8.526521 8 Jew_Francestrale_derived @ 8.908605 9 Greek_Center_derived @ 8.971390 10 Jew_Italia_derived @ 9.170964 11 Greek_South_derived @ 11.243842 12 Jew_Morocco_derived @ 11.526484 13 Greek

Scientology, or Buying Your Way to True Religion

I have had an unfortunate experience of personally knowing a relative who has been entrapped by Scientology. I am adopted, and have shared that I have an Iberian father and a British mother. Well, that is where their families came from anyway. And my natural relative on my mother's side has joined Sea Org, the most dreadful inner army of Scientology. She works long hours for little compensation. Scientology, to be blunt, is a greedy and wicked cult.  Unlike most religions, which admittedly do not value the power of the gospel, Scientology goes for complete mind control. There have been testimonies of people attempting to leave the religion only to be tracked down. There have been testimonies of beatings. Members have given up what we normally understand as adulthood to follow a prescribed plan to buy eternal knowledge with money under mind control. Clearly, from studying Wikipedia and Leah Remini's book, Trouble Maker, we have an inside look at the cult of Scientology. T