Scientology, or Buying Your Way to True Religion

I have had an unfortunate experience of personally knowing a relative who has been entrapped by Scientology. I am adopted, and have shared that I have an Iberian father and a British mother. Well, that is where their families came from anyway. And my natural relative on my mother's side has joined Sea Org, the most dreadful inner army of Scientology. She works long hours for little compensation.

Scientology, to be blunt, is a greedy and wicked cult.  Unlike most religions, which admittedly do not value the power of the gospel, Scientology goes for complete mind control. There have been testimonies of people attempting to leave the religion only to be tracked down. There have been testimonies of beatings. Members have given up what we normally understand as adulthood to follow a prescribed plan to buy eternal knowledge with money under mind control.

Clearly, from studying Wikipedia and Leah Remini's book, Trouble Maker, we have an inside look at the cult of Scientology.

There are some basic universal cult behaviors that true Christians and all peoples should avoid. Security checks, auditing, mind control, including seeking permission for where you go and who your friends should be are classic cult ploys employed by Scientology.

So, here are the Scientology cult behaviors defined:

1. Security checks: the process of being asked a number of questions through an interrogation technique developed by found L. Ron Hubbard, who once said religion is where the money is.

2. Auditing: The process of establishing human ability. Auditing is cleverly and diabolically devised. It is the process by which Scientologists find "success", and by being able, it is meant that you have the power to donate. If you have the power to donate large sums you are an able Scientologist. What a clever way to fleece people. It has been said that Scientologists passing to a high level in the religion must pay upwards of $500,000 dollars either through cash contributions or through extension of credit. Since files are kept on each member, the cult knows everything about the members. This is massively magnified in Sea Org members many of whom are placed over parishioners in authority. They are like a clergy.

The gospel of Christ is free. Approved teachers of the gospel do not charge any money, according the the Apostle Paul. While that shows how many religions want to make money, the false path of Scientology will cost a pretty penny according to reports. And in fact, the ability to donate is a sign of progress in the cult!

3. Mind control can be found in many places. Donald Trump controls his followers with mind control. Mind control is established through lying to the people you want to control. There are many websites that go into detail of how Scientology mind control works. The difference between Trump and Scientology is that at least Trump is not actively working to exert mind control by the immensely time consuming auditing and other techniques used by Scientology. Trump is a politician. His mind control is evil enough, but Scientology is much more overbearing.

There are few mind control techniques more disgusting than imposing where a person goes and who his friends are. Leah Remini says in her book that she lost dozens of friends when she left the cult and she knew that would happen. And that includes teenage friends and friends who she raised children with. Remini goes on to say that Scientology actually controls your friend list by forcing you to break with those who no longer involve themselves with Scientology. That is certainly not Christian as the Bible never advocates turning your back on family, or on friends. You may not engage in the same activities with them if they would lead to bad behavior on your part, but you don't stop your earthly connections as a family member! Anyone who says otherwise is practicing false religion.

Even the Apostle Paul, who stopped going to the Jews, his people, and started preaching to the Gentiles later says that he hoped that would make some Jews come to Christ out of jealousy from seeing Gentiles saved. He never gave up on his people even though he understood that a hardening had come to the Jews according to God's plan, to last until these last hours we are now in.  The Apostle's love for his people never wavered. Scientology, on the other had, breaks up families who have no reason to stop communicating with each other except for the dreadful mind control imposed by the cult.

Scientologists are not allowed to go just anywhere. In Sea Org, kids are a distraction and should not have much care from parents. Since this article simply scratches the surface of the wickedness of Scientology I share this article from Daily Beast of a Scientologist's story of escape and of loss of freedom to go where you want to go. It shows that for Sea Org members, the mind control is even more powerfully applied than to public parishioners. The subject of the article says that once you are a child in Sea Org, you call your mother, "Sir", even though she is a female, and see her only a few times a week. This is perverse mind control of a very powerful cult behavior. Scientology is very powerful but very much against God.

No human being should seek to control other human beings in any way except for cases of children needing to be supervised or in mental health or criminal cases. And even in all those cases the goal is for personal independence except for murderers.

All of us are subject to the God of the Universe. Those who are in Christ have no reason to think they are superior to anyone, because their salvation is a gift from a Being who didn't have to save anyone after the Fall of Adam.

You can't be a Christian and a cultist. True Christians will give up the cult, and sometimes, may have to escape from cults.

Flaky Scientology Teaching:

So, we have to understand the flaky teachings of Scientology, added to the cult nature. They believe that humans are possessed by aliens from outer space! People will say, well, that should be easy to see around them.

But Scientology breaks the will, gets people under mind control, and at that point it is pretty easy to impose almost any belief. Mind control is a powerful thing. I personally want nothing to do with it.

This article has, as I said, scratched the surface of Scientology. I have not discussed the Billion Year Contract, or all the Isolation techniques which separate members from non members of Scientology.

This article is my personal analysis both in seeing what is happening to my relative, and in seeing what has happened to others. I have studied cults for a long time. Scientology is a strong, wicked, and diabolical cult in my personal opinion, and I know I am right about it.

Scientology has front groups, like ABLE. Remember, an ABLE Scientologist can contribute large donations. Scientology is one of the most sophisticated and therefore dangerous cults on the planet today. I don't say that Scientology will become a cult that destroys itself like Jim Jones. But it is as dangerous to personal freedom as any cult ever devised precisely because of the sophistication it imposes upon various members. Many have stated how off balance they have felt regarding rules and regulations, as if those rules are a moving target.

Actors in Hollywood are particularly vulnerable. They get connections and even training on how to perform, or audition, through successful Scientology members. But they subject themselves to being trapped in a fake religion that puts money at the center. Those making the biggest donations apparently have the most influence, Tom Cruise being just one, and apparently can even break rules meant for others, according to Leah Remini. She saw through it only because she gave millions of dollars and came to see through the scam of Scientology. It is, I would opine, almost impossible for normal Sea Org members to ever escape the cult. Some have, and their stories are worth reading. But they are few and far between.

Beware of cults and see Scientology is one of the most powerful cults in America.


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