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More Gedrosian DNA results

This test was done recently. I noticed that my Natufian is not quite as high as Ashkenazi Jewish Natufian. But it is substantial. This may be true of many with Sephardic DNA, too. Also keep in mind, this is ancient DNA. People may have very little modern autosomal connection to modern Jews although I have a sliver of a connection explained below, and yet have substantial ancient Hebrew Ancestry and DNA! Here are the comparisons: My Natufian (only a sliver of Ashkenazi Jewish in myDNA): Population Ancestral_North_Eurasian 14.27 Ancestral_South_Eurasian 1.55 East_Asian 1.29 West_European_Hunter_Gartherer 40.56 Natufian 38.30 Sub_Saharan 4.03 First Ashkenazi Cousin's Natufian: Population Ancestral_North_Eurasian 17.53 Ancestral_South_Eurasian 2.32 East_Asian 2.23 West_European_Hunter_Gartherer 29.36 Natufian 46.59 Sub_Saharan 1.98 Second Ashkenazi Cousin's Natufian: Population Ancestral_North_Eurasian 18.44 Ancestral_South_Eurasian 1.48 East_As

The Old Law was Sin and Death

Remember that with a change of priesthood came a change of law. The new Law of Christ is based on faith and love and success of believing to the end, through the faith preordained to the elect. The Old Law was external, incuding the 10 commandments. Most in the old covenant did not know the Lord, were not called. Those who were saved were not saved by keeping that law. Therefore Paul could say that the old law was a law of sin and death.