The Westminster Divines Were Not Divine!

Many strict Baptist and Grace Baptist churches exist today in the UK and I suppose elsewhere. Unfortunately, they borrow from not only the 1646 First Baptist Confession, which is biblical, but also from the Second Confession, 1689, which is not biblical and the Westminster Confession, which is not biblical.

The latter confessions rejected the truth that the law does not impact salvation, that it is wholly a process of the power of the gospel. The Gospel Standard Magazine, sadly, is not gospel oriented, as the explanation of borrowing from all these confessions is written there. It says:

These beliefs were formulated as the Gospel Standard Articles of Faith in the 1870s when the Gospel Standard charitable societies, which now own the magazine, were formed.  Some of these Articles of Faith are taken from those of the Westminster Assembly of Divines and the historical Baptist Confessions of 1646 and 1689, and subsequently revised by Dr. J. Gill. These were then amended by Mr. W. Gadsby, Mr. J. M’Kenzie and Mr. J. C. Philpot, and later added to, and eventually approved for use by the Gospel Standard Societies.

The link to the Standard Articles of Faith is given above, and this is what one section says, which proves that it is a bogus and unfit doctrine, and is not of Christ:

ARTICLE 12 EFFECTUAL CALLING; THE APPLICATION OF THE LAW; AND THE MANIFESTATION OF MERCY AND PARDON We believe in the effectual calling of all the elect vessels of mercy out of the ruins of the Fall in God’s appointed time, and that the work of regeneration, or new birth, is the sovereign work of God, and His work only, the sinner being as passive therein as in his first birth, and previously thereto dead in trespasses and sins . We believe in the application of the Law 1 to the elect sinner’s conscience by the Spirit of God , showing 2 the sinner how greatly he has broken that Law, and feelingly condemning him for the same; and in the manifestation of mercy and pardon through Christ...

Of course, that is the doctrine upon which the truth either prevails or fails. In the case of these poor souls, it has failed. The 1646 First London Baptist Confession repudiates these later confessions:

The preaching of the gospel to the conversion of sinners, is absolutely free; no way requiring as absolutely necessary, any qualifications, preparations, or terrors of the law, or preceding ministry of the law, but only and alone the naked soul, a sinner and ungodly, to receive Christ crucified, dead and buried, and risen again; who is made a prince and a Savior for such sinners as through the gospel shall be brought to believe on Him.
John 3:14,15, 1:12; Isa. 55:1; John 7:37; 1 Tim. 1:15; Rom. 4:5, 5:8; Acts 5:30,31, 2:36, 1 Cor. 1:22,24.

This is the essence of the gospel, the truth of the gospel. All else stands or falls on this truth. The WEstminster Divines were not divine, nor were the creators of the 1689 Baptist Confession, nor were the creators of the Gospel Standard Magazine.

Now, of course, the field has been narrowed, and the fulness of the Gentiles has come in, and the Jews who are elect must hear the power of the gospel, in words, in writing, or later like Paul on the Road to Damascus, in the power of the sword of the Spirit to cut to the heart and save the soul. 

There simply is no other permitted way. Few find the way, as few are elect in Christ and many find the false way, and will claim to be Christians and are not. It is sad, for me, to understand this, yet my heart rejoices that even some are saved. None have to be saved at all!

Praise God. The Time is getting short, and the judgement is coming. Unbelief is the greated sin upon which all other sins stand or fall. Believe Christ and follow the doctrines he teaches and that I have, in my own fallable way, have made available to you and to all free of charge:


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