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I Will Destroy Dispensationalism Today

By the grace of God I will destroy Dispensationalism today. Dispensationalism is like Covenant Theology. The glory of the New Covenant is with us now. Any effort to take away from the glory of the New Covenant is a false gospel. So, Dispensationalism is a false gospel that looks to a restored Old Testament and Temple in Israel in the future. It is no different in its false teaching than the Covenant Theologians who teach that the Old and New Covenant are the same with different administrations! I repeat, any attempt to diminish the glory of the New Covenant is a false gospel! Here is the true gospel. 1. Christ is on the spiritual throne of David, therefore, physical Jerusalem is not holy. Period. 2. The Dispensationalists cunningly want to postpone the Kingship of Christ to a future time. 3. Christ replaced David. Christ replaced David on the Davidic throne. That cannot be debunked.  4. Therefore, the Spiritual Jerusalem has replaced the physical Jerusalem. That cannot be de

The Gospel Alone is the Power of God

This gospel message (the Power of God), is the ability of God to cut the heart with the message of Jesus Christ having risen as Savior, from the dead.  This gospel affirmed by this blog is now specifically focused on Jewish people and many races that have Jewish DNA, and many Mediterranean and Latino people who have Jewish ancestry and don't know it, per the prophesy in Romans 11 spoken of by Paul, the Apostle of Jesus Christ. The Gentiles have been called to Christ for 2000 years. Few are left to be saved, if any. There are only a predetermined number of Jews and Gentiles to be saved in God's plan. Historically, most races and nations could have DNA of ancient Hebrews or current Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews in pockets of their populations, because of sailing, wars, close proximity, silk road, etc. Ancient Hebrew (Gedrosian admixture testing, Gedmatch) and post Christ Jewish DNA could be found almost anywhere. And this DNA could be washed out, for some, who are actual desc