The Gospel Alone is the Power of God

This gospel message (the Power of God), is the ability of God to cut the heart with the message of Jesus Christ having risen as Savior, from the dead. 

This gospel affirmed by this blog is now specifically focused on Jewish people and many races that have Jewish DNA, and many Mediterranean and Latino people who have Jewish ancestry and don't know it, per the prophesy in Romans 11 spoken of by Paul, the Apostle of Jesus Christ.

The Gentiles have been called to Christ for 2000 years. Few are left to be saved, if any. There are only a predetermined number of Jews and Gentiles to be saved in God's plan.

Historically, most races and nations could have DNA of ancient Hebrews or current Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews in pockets of their populations, because of sailing, wars, close proximity, silk road, etc.

Ancient Hebrew (Gedrosian admixture testing, Gedmatch) and post Christ Jewish DNA could be found almost anywhere. And this DNA could be washed out, for some, who are actual descendants of Jacob! So, this blog is not shutting out the possibility that many have descent from Jacob from places like Africa, the Arab middle east, and India, China, Russia, etc as these are old civilizations.

All who are given the grace to hear this gospel message are the chosen ones. This is a special hearing, not just regular hearing. Those who have been given ears to hear and eyes to see are the chosen in Christ. (Matthew 11:15)

 The Gentiles who have not descended from Jacob are also spoken about in Luke 21:24:

Luke 21:24 says that the existence of Israel is a sign of the very last hours, as the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. Israel will most likely survive until the end of time. But, these words by Christ are not a defense of Dispensationalism. God still hates Zionism, and it is the enemy of Christ. The elect Jews will hear the gospel after 1948, when Israel was formed. The elect who have descended from Jacob, and are chosen, will enter the real Zion upon God given repentance. Then the end shall come! And it is not based upon religion, but based upon descent. The elect with Jewish DNA are called but few are called. Romans chapter 11 is then a must read.

The central theme of this blog remains this truth, that the Gospel of Christ is the sole power of God in those saved by divine election. This truth destroys the Protestant/Catholic Old Covenant law based teachings of Augustine, the Catholic who set the foundation for the Protestants, and the Protestant leaders to a man.

Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, the Puritans, Wesley and Whitefield, Charles Spurgeon, Billy Graham have been the primary Protestant leaders through history. Every single one of these teachers preached the power of law guilt in the process of salvation. Luther was an Augustinian monk!

Flee from their churches and realize that even among the so called New Covenant Theologians, there is simply no truth regarding the law. And, they all sell the gospel.

Even Jon Zens, who claims the title of a New Covenant Theologian, who I helped "escape" the Puritan falsehood back in 1979-1980, is selling the gospel, and is not standing according to the truth of the gospel. And of course I have never been credited for showing Jon that Flavel saying one must stand in the way of grace was a false teaching opposed to the gospel, yet consistent with Protestantism. Not that I care for his credit. I only care for God's credit in Christ for that Day.

Even Calvin believed the law convicts and Luther believed the law humbles in necessary preparation for the gospel. This is FALSE DOCTRINE. You can't be saved if law guilt was your "conviction"! Everyone experiences natural conscience! Read on to see Peter's proper handling of the gospel.

The New Law of Christ is the Law of Faith, kept til the end of life from first justification which seals the believer for all eternity. The law of Moses is the law of sin and death, because it is only written on stone and not the heart. Keeping the Law of Faith is not sinless perfection, but it reckons faith as righteousness to the account of the elect.

So then, Flavel was not the only Protestant, ie follower of the Reformation, Calvin and Luther, to speak this way of false gospel. The false doctrine of law conviction and the absurd free will approach to predestination is highlighted in their own words:

John Calvin-“That the whole matter may be made clearer, let us take a succinct view of the office and use of the Moral Law. Now this office and use seems to me to consist of three parts. First, by exhibiting the righteousness of God,—in other words, the righteousness which alone is acceptable to God,—it admonishes every one of his own unrighteousness, certiorates [informs], convicts, and finally condemns him. This is necessary, in order that man, who is blind and intoxicated with self-love, may be brought at once to know and to confess his weakness and impurity…(Institutes of the Christian ReligionII.vii.6-12)

Joseph Alleine - "Being thus prepared, on some convenient time set apart for the purpose, enter upon the work, and solemnly, as in the presence of the Lord, fall down on your knees and spreading forth your hands towards heaven open your heart to the Lord in these, or the like words: [a prayer three pages long follows]This covenant I advise you to make, not only in heart, but in word; not only in word, but in writing; and that you would with all possible reverence spread the writing before the Lord, as if you would present it to Him as your act and deed. And when you have done this, set your hand to it and sign it. Keep it as a memorial of the solemn transactions that have passed between God and you, that you may have recourse to it in doubts and temptations" (Alarm To The Unconverted [1671; Banner of Truth, 1976], pp. 117-120).

John Flavel - "Objection: But you have told us that no sinner can open his own heart, nor bow his own will to Christ? Answer: True, he cannot convert himself, but he may do many things in order to it, and which have a tendency to it, which he does not doIf it be not in your power to open your heart to Christ, it is in your power to forbear the external acts of sin, which set your heart the more against ChristObjection: [After all our striving] we may be Christless and hopeless when all is done. Answer: But yet remember, God may bless these weak endeavors, and give you his Almighty Spirit with them: nay, it is highly probable that he will do so; and is a strong probability nothing with you?" (Christ Knocking At the Door of Sinners' Hearts, pp. 58, 60).

George Whitefield - "Wait therefore at Wisdom's gates. The bare probability of having a door of mercy opened, is enough to keep you striving . . . You know not but you may be in the number of those few, and that your striving may be the means which God intends to bless, to give you an entrance in . . . For though after you have done all that you can, God may justly cut you off. Yet never was a single person damned who did all that he could" (Memories of George Whitefield, John Gillies [1834], sermon on John 16:8, p. 418).

Billy Graham- These feelings of guilt, Billy Graham once said, often spur people to seek out God’s grace. “Because you [feel guilty],” he wrote in his My Answer column, “you’ve taken your first step toward seeking God’s forgiveness.” In his book Peace With God, Mr. Graham wrote, “To have a guilty conscience cleansed, and to be free from its constant accusation is an experience, but it is not the cleansing of the conscience that saves you; it is faith in Christ that saves, and a cleansed conscience is the result of having come into a right relationship with God.” (Billy Graham Evangelical Website May 18, 2018.)

This is a false gospel. Period. The above men did not know Christ at the time those words were written! They were most likely not elect at all unless God had mercy on them near the end of life. And I do not believe that is common at all.  The elect, once they are redeemed, do not lose their election. The gospel savingly cuts their hearts, not the law. They teach the truth once they grow in Christ.

The first three said they believed in the truth of Predestination. Billy Graham believed in Free Will. His fake alter calls and making a decision for Christ is not the gospel. Graham once said believing in Christ is as simple as turning a light switch from off to on!

But it does not matter. They all teach that human action and guilt based on this or that law pushes men and women towards God. Flee their wretched lie! Guilt and conscience accuses or excuses people who are with or without the law of Moses the world over. But law guilt or natural conscience is NOT saving conviction.

The purpose of the law of Moses was to point believers in the Old Testament toward the redeemer through grace only so they could discern the hidden gospel in that covenant. For New Covenant believers, we learn that Christ as both the fulfillment of the law in life and the abolition of that law in death.

The Apostle Paul knew that sin was victorious over him as he studied the Law of Moses (Romans chapter 7). But that knowledge of the law of sin and death did nothing for him. Only the gospel on the Road to Damascus came to him and turned him from unbelief to God given faith (Acts chapter 9). The law of Moses is weak, powerless, and the guilt it causes is of no eternal consequence (Romans 8:3).

The purpose of the law, the types and shadows, is to teach of Christ. The law of Moses points to Christ.

People who are saved as elect are not looking for it. ( Isaiah 65:1)

The Gospel Convicts of Sin, the sin of unbelief. We see this happening in Acts Chapter 2:

36 “So let everyone in Israel know for certain that God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, to be both Lord and Messiah!”
37 Peter’s words pierced their hearts, and they said to him and to the other apostles, “Brothers, what should we do?”
38 Peter replied, “Each of you must repent of your sins and turn to God, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Then you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 
The gospel preached by Peter pierced their hearts. The gospel is the sword of the Spirit, not the law. Law conviction is not gospel conviction and is not saving! 

Truth is, it is not financially helpful to condemn the Protestants like I have. But you can only serve God or Mammon. Not both.

The gospel of Christ is all that is necessary as we see in Acts Chapter two. No law was needed. Same for Paul who took only the Gospel to the Gentiles. This is the doctrine upon which all others stand or fall.

Either you have been called by the gospel from unbelief, or you are still in your sins. There is no other way. The elect are few, fewer than can be imagined.

Keep in mind that Jon Zens understands that the law is both fulfilled by Christ's life and set aside by Christ's death on the cross. He understands that the hope of Israel is Christ. He understands from scripture that the law was a historic schoolmaster (Galatians 3:24) which spoke of Christ to the elect. But it is not a preparatory schoolmaster exacting a non saving guilty conscience. He sees that. But that knowledge Jon possesses in understanding scripture is not enough!

What is missing in Jon is the hatred of selling the gospel and the failure to completely disown the Protestants! Paul was approved because he did not sell the gospel! On Zen's Searching Together Magazine website he has a bookstore of Protestant and rare books for sale!

The non elect can understand from scripture that the law is not used for salvation as Protestants claim. They can understand from scripture that the there is a righteousness apart from the law, as Paul says.

However, they cannot understand the conviction of unbelief, the actual intervention of the gospel into the hearts of the elect! They cannot understand that which has not happened to them!

And even in 2018, Zens is promoting a book by another, Frank Viola. This book is ridiculous. It shouldn't be sold. The gospel is not for sale! Paul said so.

By the way, if a person is really called to be a Christian, where he or she is baptized after first faith makes no difference and the need to be rebaptized is FALSE. Yet in Viola's book, as a portion was shared by Zens, the need to be rebaptised is approved.

No, a really called person, no matter where he is baptised after first faith, is baptised! The baptizer does not even have to have faith! The baptism may take place in unbelieving places like Catholic or Protestant churches. But then the elect must escape them!

Are you looking for a church? Try, and then forget it. Fellowship with believers, but if you cannot find someone who understands the gospel, do so online. Stand outside the gate with Christ, alone, if necessary.

I am here for you. I do not, purposely, seek out fellowship if fellowship is not to be found. I am 70 years old and have not found fellowship. I tried for years, and years. I hope to find fellowship but I am not holding my breath. This blog is my fellowship to you.

Our fellowship is with the Baptists of the 1646 First London Confession. They are proof this doctrine is not based on private interpretation. See the link below.

Few believe the truth of the gospel and are content not to sell it. And those few have not contacted me. My email is bgamall4 at yahoo dot com. My email is open for any to contact me with the testimony of Christ.

Please note, KJV fails to interpret this scripture correctly. Flee those who sell the gospel! 2 Corinthians 2:17: 

1Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, as those sent from God. (NIV)

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  1. like you I agree that salvation is by the new birth, quickening, spiritual circumcision, baptism of Holy Spirit, et al. How do you see the fact that the moral law is written on all of mens heart. The punishments were given to those nations that violated the law that is written on all mens heart. Is this the universal law that you speak of and how do you see this universal law?

    1. There is a law of conscience and Paul says everyone has a conscience that accuses or excuses. But also said the law was weak. It is too weak to save. There is a reason that the gospel is called the Sword of the Spirit and the law is not called the sword of the Spirit. Spurgeon made a fatal error when he preached against individual sins like alcohol abuse. He had people walking around seeing people with teary eyes. They would get a law based repentance. But the whole process was fake. Peter spoke in Acts 2 about the death and resurrection of Christ. Cut by the sword of the Spirit they were compelled to repent of unbelief. The Protestants and Anabaptists and 1689 Baptists taught the heart had to be prepared for the gospel by law guilt! That was a fake gospel. I hope this helps to explain my position.


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