The New World Order

There is a new world order. If you look at the governments all around the world that must get US permission to buy Iranian oil it is clear that the center of the New World Order is the US government. The USA has bases and ships controlling waters all around the world.

The nations that have the most influence over the US government are the British and the Israelis and the Saudis. One could legitimately say that the Anglo American Israeli Saudi Empire rules the world. I won't get into it but I believe Israel uses force and the threat of force against the US government to get what it wants. The center of world finance is the City of London, the Square Mile. Saudi Arabia uses petrodollars to enhance the reserve currency, the dollar. Throw the BIS into the mix as well.

But does the New World Order want to tighten power? Yes, I believe it wants to control rights, including gun rights, and it wants Americans to hate Muslims. My father used to sell guns at his store. I do not advocate buying guns. I just want gun rights as a principle. Muslims have been disrespected in a way other religions have not. We should opt for total freedom of religion because that guarantees our own freedom. 

So, regardless of which party is power, the goals of the globalists are fulfilled. Donald Trump is no less part of the order than were Barack Obama or George W. Bush.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are not valid or necessary in proving the NWO. There is much we do not know about how power is dispersed in the NWO. The Protocols are too simple and they are mistaken in crucial ways.

Some things are not considered evil by God, although the governments of the world are generally not considered benevolent. There have been exceptions all through history.

Here are the things that are not evil:

1. Collection of income taxes.

2. Welfare for the poor and socialistic benefits for the old and disabled.

3. Capitalism and a mixture of capitalism and socialism. Determining the right mix is the great fight.

Nations should be slow to war and tolerant if they are to gain the most stability. Many religious nations are unable to attain this stability. Christ said His Kingdom was not of this world. Therefore, the Apostles are the government of God and no individual nation.

Stay away from the complexities of determining how far the New World Order will go or even understanding its historical roots. That does not matter so much as the elect in Christ realize that the New World Order is the same as the Old World Order, controlled by Satanic forces, which are overcome by the truly elect in Christ.

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