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Replacement Theology Is Right But Gentiles Replaced by Jews

Replacement theology as taught by Paul in Roman's 9-11 is true. However, the Fullness of the Gentiles has come in. The existence of physical Israel is a sign of this according to Luke. Will Gentiles who are not descended from Jacob be saved after the fullness of those Gentiles has come in? That is determined by God, not man. However, the nation of Israel will not be saved, only the elect Jews called to Christ from before the making of the world. The sign of Israel is not a defense of the false teaching of Dispensationalism which is discussed in other articles on this site. And the elect Jews are saved as part of the body of Christ in the exact same way the early Jewish Christian's were saved. This is also the way the Gentiles were saved until their fullness was completed. If you are saved, truly saved, now that it could be that the Gentiles meant to be saved have been saved, you are physically descended from Jacob, with at least one Jewish ancestor somewhere in your pa