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Sephardic Bnei Anusim Do Not Return to Judaism. Flee Catholicism

Sephardic Bnei Anusim You are the survivors of ancestors who were forced to become Catholic. Do not return to Judaism, as many of you want to. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ apart from the Doctrines of Catholicism/Protestantism. The gospel is the power of God. Hear the message.  If you hear by God's permission, and your hearts are compelled to change through the power that rose Christ from the dead, then you must continue in faith to the end of life. This is not sinless perfection, but is rather fulfilling the New Law of Christ, the New Law of faith. You may not find a single person close to you who believes. Don't try to change the Protestant or Catholic churches because you cannot. Express your faith, then walk away and follow the Savior outside the gate! My natural father was Ramirez. I have Moya's, Vasquez's, Rodriguez's and others in my line. I am a distant DNA cousin of the Sephardic Catholic priest who lives in New Mexico. But may God call eve

God Protected Me. Sharing DNA

God protected me in his providence, from two men who sought to do damage to me. Before I was compelled to believe in Christ by the Holy Spirit at age 21, a young boy out of control punched me around and intimidated me. We were in school. The boy ended up in a tragic wreck, and it was a sad time for our town. But I feel as though I was protected from possible harm. Later in life I was in my fifties, and God stepped in to protect me again. At a job I held, a man in his thirties, who was also employed there, would hit me every chance he got. It was quite reckless, and hurtful. It was continual for a time. I  just endured, hoping for relief. As it turned out, I walked into a restaurant/bar way across town from our jobs, and he was at the bar. I spoke to him and asked him how he was doing. He said he had misjudged the height of a fence and jumped, compressing all his back discs. He would have to leave the town and go back to his parents for treatment. He looked like he was in serious

British Court Rules Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism A British court ruled that Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism and that the fellow who brought the case should not engage in political debate if he wants his feelings hurt. I totally agree with the decision. However, some Anti-Semites could argue Anti-Zionism in a bigoted way. We must oppose that abuse of the truth, that the two concepts are totally different. I fully support the right to protest Israel as long as there is not an attempt to disparage all Jewish people. That is wrong. The elect Jews become Christians. There is no room for intolerance regarding any race including Jewish people! This should not be even doubted by true Christians.  See: Newcovenant Theology

The Anglo American Banking System Rules the World

I know the Anglo American banking cartel rules the world. In fact, the Square Mile views itself as being the new Roman Empire. It has folklore regarding Roman emperors. It has Roman ruins. It has two statues, Gog and Magog, who "guard" the city. They are dressed in Roman uniforms and are paraded at the Lord Mayor's parade. This, in my opinion, is of biblical proportions.  Just the idea that anyone would want to fancy himself as the heir to brutal Rome is disturbing. It is not acceptable behavior.  The center for hiding the world's wealth is the Square Mile. It is horrible behavior.  And, on the Last Day, the participants in that system, as well as all of us, will be judged. I am a Christian, and I see that judgement as putting an end to this order of things.  I hope that in the meantime, the system can be modified to give more help to the poor and low wage and unhealthy and the old. Helicopter money is the only safe way to do this.  But I am in no