God Protected Me. Sharing DNA

God protected me in his providence, from two men who sought to do damage to me. Before I was compelled to believe in Christ by the Holy Spirit at age 21, a young boy out of control punched me around and intimidated me. We were in school. The boy ended up in a tragic wreck, and it was a sad time for our town.

But I feel as though I was protected from possible harm.

Later in life I was in my fifties, and God stepped in to protect me again. At a job I held, a man in his thirties, who was also employed there, would hit me every chance he got. It was quite reckless, and hurtful. It was continual for a time. I  just endured, hoping for relief. As it turned out, I walked into a restaurant/bar way across town from our jobs, and he was at the bar. I spoke to him and asked him how he was doing. He said he had misjudged the height of a fence and jumped, compressing all his back discs. He would have to leave the town and go back to his parents for treatment.

He looked like he was in serious pain. I didn't wish it on him, but I was astounded that God had shown me twice, twice, that he was watching out for me.

There are many examples of other protection. A wreck one car behind me on a mountain road, as a car ran a stop and hit the car behind me. Many examples of his deliverance from my stupidity are remembered, but I can't go into them here.

The idea that God would raise up two young men, to show me His power and deliverance, as they were injured and one died, is an astonishing thing. I never deserved anything different than what happened to them. That the Father, Christ and the Spirit cared enough about me to order my life to this point and knowing that Christ came and suffered horribly for me had I been the only one predetermined for salvation brings me to tears often.

This is serious business, this reality we have with millions and billions of people lost and just a few saved. The heart is heavy for the others. And illness and death are things I contemplate as I am nearing 70 years old. I don't have the health of others. I am fighting for it.

My hope is the Lord returns, and that he snatches me up from the prospect of death. I know that his return is soon, because the Fullness of the Gentiles has come in and those of us who are in the body of Christ, with even a little Jewish ancestry, are few.

I pray for the elect who have not been saved, and they will be saved if there are more to be saved. I pray for them and pray the Lord ends things soon, but if not I will abide by His will.

I hope you will read my information regarding Jewish Ancestry, as well as on the doctrines that will continue the blessing of the elect in Jesus Christ.

Beware of many who claim to support New Covenant Theology, mostly Gentiles, who do not see the problem with the Calvin/Protestant/Puritan treatment of the Old Covenant through wicked Covenant Theology.

New Covenant Theology

DNA results may be helpful. They are not a requirement of faith, but to show you that the Times of the Gentiles are fulfilled and that Luke 21:24 and Romans 11:25 are in force!

Sephardic Roots, Belmonte Roots and More!

My Gedrosian Ancient Hebrew DNA. Please note that my mother was British, which explains Loschbour, and my father was Iberian, Ramirez by name. The Assyrian shows the capture of the Hebrews by the Assyrians and Babylonians. I have no Ashkenazi Diaspora, only a trace of Sephardic Diaspora, which shows few of my ancients went back to Israel. But I have modern Ashkenazi cousins triangulated because of Jewish 4th and 5th great grandparents:

Gedrosia K3 4-Ancestors Oracle

This program is based on 4-Ancestors Oracle Version 0.96 by Alexandr Burnashev.
Questions about results should be sent to him at: Alexandr.Burnashev@gmail.com
Original concept proposed by Sergey Kozlov.
Many thanks to Alexandr for helping us get this web version developed.

Eurasia K3 Oracle

Admix Results (sorted):


Finished reading population data. 129 populations found.
3 components mode.


Least-squares method.

Using 1 population approximation:
1 Kurd_N @ 3.066745
2 Georgian_Jew @ 3.220461
3 Iranian_Jew @ 3.334937
4 Kurd_C @ 3.680508
5 Iraqi_Jew @ 4.128402
6 Assyrian @ 4.227173
7 Ashkenazi_Jew @ 4.284501
8 Lebanese @ 4.631180
9 Armenian @ 4.832723
10 Abkhasian @ 4.850287
11 Chechen @ 5.232047
12 Loschbour @ 5.374396
13 Georgian @ 5.617571
14 Estonian @ 5.664995
15 Sicilian @ 5.887237
16 Belarusian @ 5.937463
17 Adygei @ 5.987811
18 Cypriot @ 6.143424
19 Syrian @ 6.307633
20 Ukrainian @ 6.372659

Using 2 populations approximation:
1 50% Loschbour +50% Syrian @ 0.487984
2 50% Estonian +50% Syrian @ 0.499963
3 50% Lebanese +50% Loschbour @ 0.724245
4 50% Belarusian +50% Syrian @ 0.733100
5 50% Kurd_N +50% Lebanese @ 0.765438
6 50% Abkhasian +50% Syrian @ 0.768292
7 50% Chechen +50% Lebanese @ 0.768939
8 50% Chechen +50% Saudi @ 0.887481
9 50% Abkhasian +50% Lebanese @ 0.917757
10 50% Iraqi_Jew +50% Kurd_C @ 1.068744
11 50% Syrian +50% Ukrainian @ 1.152591
12 50% Estonian +50% Lebanese @ 1.202702
13 50% Chechen +50% Yemenite_Jew @ 1.204484
14 50% Cypriot +50% Iranian @ 1.236768
15 50% Estonian +50% Jordanian @ 1.270605
16 50% Jordanian +50% Loschbour @ 1.305862
17 50% Belarusian +50% Jordanian @ 1.344749
18 50% Adygei +50% Saudi @ 1.386293
19 50% Iranian +50% Sicilian @ 1.387875
20 50% Iranian +50% Iraqi_Jew @ 1.431550

Using 3 populations approximation:
1 50% Abkhasian +25% BedouinA +25% Chechen @ 0.000000

I hope you find this a blessing. 

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